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Elders Migration Voice

Blessings and Love and Aho to all my family, the relatives of the ancient and holy tree,

All my love comes to you (the children) in the wind, finding it's way past all of the sin. I do not care if you hated yesterday, it is only in the NOW that we can find our perfect waves. Round and round and round we twirl, you do a dip and I do a whirl. The merry-go-round is happy and gay, and we will find family through-out all the daze. Remember that your Great Spirit Mother and Great Spirit Father are watching you ride, they are waving at you as you pass them on by. Did you climb on a monkey for the circle to be, or did you sit upon the donkey for all he can see? Did you pass by the lion for a ride upon the moon, or did you find your little soul just wanted to sit and spoon? It is all alright if that is your choice, your book of life holds all your sacred voice. Just remember to grab for the rings, and when it is time, climb down into mother's arms to dream.

Aho my little children and grandchildren... fly high and fly free, it is glory you are seeking to bee.

Love Grandmother Comfort in the Wind your Sunshine Glory Shines, elder gray child,, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Heart Song of Dreams and Elders Song of Sacredness

Earth to Heaven, our Heart Song of Dreams

My love is here to capture thee, to find some hope in love in me, and when you are the star above who brings the light to those unknown, and down below is where the meadows flows and we are part of this dream of love. And we can offer majesty to all those who long to be with thee.

Dream away, and hope to pray to find a world of yesterday, and we can be a part (together) of thee, when we are here longing to be free. Now I say this, and you say that and we can be all parts of that and this is where we long to be, the heart of longing to be free.

Elders everywhere is true, to be the heart of me and you, but we don't have many longing to come home because they don't write or phone.  We need you to reach out and love everyone.  Elders who come to find the sun.  And I have to be with all of the leaves, because we are genuine and we are pleased.

Now we can find miracles watching the breeze. We can find hearts of love if we long to be, and we can be miracles sent from heaven above to be part of something, god's treasure we love.  Miracles are bounding and miracles are from us,when we choose to use love instead of pure dust. and we can be oceans of love that knows more, when we bless the sacred dust and want them to be free.

Be miracles around you, be relatives in the breeze.  Be what you know inside of you, is all that we are pleased. and we are the magic of tomorrow and today, when we believe in yesterday that brought us here this day.

Sing and jump and holler the view, Sing and jump and make babies that is what we do.  For all we do is generate the time to billow forth, for we are the magic of God of course.  the sacred circle that we are part of and the sacred tree that knows which part is earth, for we are the roots and we are the sky, for we are joined together because we are a slice of the pie.

The round like the challah, that brings us bread this day, but we don't remember what we do for the hay, we interweave the fellows to be part of me, and Elders remind us, that we need them please and Elders remind us, that we need them please.

Sung by white buffalo calf woman
Drum by Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star
House of the Beloved Children of G_ah_d
Star of David

The Sacred Song of the Heart from Elders 
September 23rd 2009 

Thank you my dancers from the fire down below, you mean so much to me, when you dance and act this way, for you unify us all in heartbeat while holiness beats the drum and you are my mighty dancers who come in the wind to offer blessings to us again!

Elders Song Prayer of Sacredness

Go to the wind and blow across the sky, for we are here to hold you, to be a lullaby and we can keep mountains above and below, to be a sacred heart beat to be sacred snow.  And when we shall holler to be a calling breeze to whisper I adore you, to be the sacred view, the rooster who comes with directions, to hold and have with a view, for we are here to hand out, the love of me and you.

Come hold my hand, come hold my view, come and be a heartbeat, come and dance with me, for I shall be salvation, when I speak with my friends, and then we hope for relatives who will come in the wind.  come and dance come and sing, come yell hallelujah freedom rings.

We are part of the sacred tree.  we are part of the sacred leaves, we are part of one circle the dance of eternity and we are part of you and me, the relatives everywhere, the fish and mouse the ant my dance, for we long to be in the wind.

Take care of my brother, take care of sister too, take care of the living take care of this view, for tomorrow we will dance with you, for we are part of thee, we love you more than tomorrow because the tears of you.  you carried us this far now, you held my hand with a view.  and you are part of salvation because you came to view.

Dance and sing and play all day, dance and sing and learn my way, dance and sing and hallelujah for we are going home.  dance and sing hallelujah for we are going home, welcome to the dawning, welcome to the view, to sing and dance to pray all day, the way of loving views,

Sing hallelujah sing all the days, sing up to the skies above and sing all the ways, for we are here to hold you, for we are here to say, come hold my hand for tomorrow, for we are on our way!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Thank you for being part of our prayers this day!

Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman
Drum by Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star

Fire Offers Purification

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