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Blessings and Love and Aho to all my family, the relatives of the ancient and holy tree,

All my love comes to you (the children) in the wind, finding it's way past all of the sin. I do not care if you hated yesterday, it is only in the NOW that we can find our perfect waves. Round and round and round we twirl, you do a dip and I do a whirl. The merry-go-round is happy and gay, and we will find family through-out all the daze. Remember that your Great Spirit Mother and Great Spirit Father are watching you ride, they are waving at you as you pass them on by. Did you climb on a monkey for the circle to be, or did you sit upon the donkey for all he can see? Did you pass by the lion for a ride upon the moon, or did you find your little soul just wanted to sit and spoon? It is all alright if that is your choice, your book of life holds all your sacred voice. Just remember to grab for the rings, and when it is time, climb down into mother's arms to dream.

Aho my little children and grandchildren... fly high and fly free, it is glory you are seeking to bee.

Love Grandmother Comfort in the Wind your Sunshine Glory Shines, elder gray child,, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Walk In Joy!

This is my honor , my capture of love, I say, you are the blessed, the pure lighted dove and you are not separate from me in any way, you think you are not part of me, but I say, we are family.

Come dance and sing a song with me, even if your heart seems to set us free, and why doesn't the magic have to come to me, if I could be the magic that sets them free? 

We are the sailing ships, where muskets run free, the blasts of our horns say, let us speak so much this day.  Let our hearts do some dancing and our souls find a way.  And when the days are dawning, I say, lets go this way.  Now if we are giving, the lands of yesterday, a place to wander, a place to hold our hands, and in the wind torn desert, the oasis fills our hearts, where tents of love have open doors, where other fall in love. 

And we are happy to gather, we are happy to be, the heart of all our brothers, the hearts of sea to see.  And when my sister noticed, to show the world of love.  I say, come take my hand now, and guide me to the doves.  The white ones not the orchids, for we are going home.  The rainbows, they need more that beauty skin above, we need roots that grow and take, like trees that reach for God.  And there we are the happiness, that roots us from above.

Family is important, truly you know this, but how do we decide who our brother are, how do we decide what is law.  And when the world is topsy, turvy, and all is going down the hills, we say, let us slide down the hay ride and show them how to fill.  Fill our hearts with love now.  fill our days with god.  show that sacred is upon us, in all we do and fill.  Give what others take from me and show them what you need to be, the heart of all the miracles, that god blessed thee.

And brotherhood is my neighbor, the homeless on the streets, and the warrior who is down now, because he has nothing to eat.  And my children in this country are turned into the streets, I say, what do we want now if only we can eat and sleep.  And since there is no place left to squander what we bring, I say lets have a party and treat the world a breeze.  Know it's part of what we do, to bring us together then.  Tell the world we are the breeze to fill the void and hurt.  And when we have a party, to sing and song all day, we are going home to actions, that heal my heart and head.

Sister, when are you ruling the house of God left to you?  I say, you are the brethren, who shall keep what is neat.  You shall tell them honor is to stand for what is right.  And you can offer springtime, to all you say and do.   Seeds they grow to children, and they need you so much.  But if you walk away now, because love did not rule this nest.  I say, Gods house is not happy, instead, let us play a game, tell the little children, that man will learn in pain.  But stand in the bloodshed, and say, let us have a song.  Let us know the glory, to God who does so wrong, Let us say how are you, where you are sinning this day.  We say we really love you, when are you coming this way? 

God is here and sun is shining god is here and moon is calling and dancing in spring when all is sung in mean,  the rolling hills in time, the places I have my mind and say to you, come home to often, I say come home with all the clues, and I say god is here  to come to love you, to know you can know happiness too.

Let us find a way now, to be the will of God. Let us dance and skip all day, let us fill our ways.  Let us love each other in all we do and say.  And when we walk together, we come home to fill our days.  Sing and dance, fill your heart, find a way to say.  I love you my brother my sister too and my heart is yours today.  And we are going home now.  And we are going to pray, that brotherhood and sisterhood, will bow down each way, the four sacred directions, that keep up going strong, the wind that prevails and sails away, to come home on another shore.  Sing and dance all day.  Sing and dance all night.  Sleep and eat and don't think twice, when all is happiness, walk in joy all times.

Sung by white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother
Drum by holiness david running eagle shooting star
Elders of Heaven, Heaven, Heaven and Earth

Warriors of the Earth  

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