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Blessings and Love and Aho to all my family, the relatives of the ancient and holy tree,

All my love comes to you (the children) in the wind, finding it's way past all of the sin. I do not care if you hated yesterday, it is only in the NOW that we can find our perfect waves. Round and round and round we twirl, you do a dip and I do a whirl. The merry-go-round is happy and gay, and we will find family through-out all the daze. Remember that your Great Spirit Mother and Great Spirit Father are watching you ride, they are waving at you as you pass them on by. Did you climb on a monkey for the circle to be, or did you sit upon the donkey for all he can see? Did you pass by the lion for a ride upon the moon, or did you find your little soul just wanted to sit and spoon? It is all alright if that is your choice, your book of life holds all your sacred voice. Just remember to grab for the rings, and when it is time, climb down into mother's arms to dream.

Aho my little children and grandchildren... fly high and fly free, it is glory you are seeking to bee.

Love Grandmother Comfort in the Wind your Sunshine Glory Shines, elder gray child,, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Climate Changes, Indigo Warriors and Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy


Climate-Change - Why it's even worse than we feared.

Relatives, About five years ago, God or the Oneness, guided me, White Buffalo Calf Woman (Lakota People ordained gifted me this name, spirit of the blue), your Twin Deer Mother (Tao People ordained gifted me this name, body of the blue), to active-indigos (Perfect Crystalline Soul Warriors). At the time, I really didn't know who I was, and had to discover myself, just like many are doing right now in the world, but I couldn't escape the facts about the mathematical perfection of the Rainbow Clan. And here I dropped right in the middle of a bunch of Indigo People. You know, I even thought I might have been one of them (Perfect Soul Warriorship, but I turned out to be the Perfect Flesh Warrior instead, the Crystal Person).

At the time searching throughout the Rainbow Clan for Relatives and learning all the Rainbow Colors from everyone in the Clan including those in the Four Realms, and of course matching the mathematical perfection. Little by little, the Indigo People held my hand and I learned who I was. They were my Greatest teachers and Prophets. They came to me from all over the world, the Indigo People, before Holiness David and I started living on the streets, indeed to learn from the people. And there was so much to learn from the Oneness. The Indigo Persons helped me While I, the Crystal person, became their hearts, but eventually the Perfect physical warrior was no match for these Indigos who were the Perfect soul warriors with young bodies, and so many of them started to leave (impure, and not cleansed). I held their hearts and their hands. For John D. Hope, Janeen Reevis and Majella Murphy, where all perfect examples of Indigos, the perfect teacher and soul warrior. John David Hope and Janeen Ameenah Revis, was then in the bay area and we held meetings, where many came. When they left, so did the gatherings between us, but not the gathering of the heart as we journey together upon Mother Earth, trying to save her.

Majella Murphy wrote a wonderful song about the Indigo girl, she had visited the United States while this was going on in 2004. She gifted the Song to the World and AJoyLightFromWithin.Org was now to be keeper of these treasures for she had sent not two, but three copies of the song registered in the mail UNOPENED, for us to retain legal rights, total control as the gift to the world. Now, I only asked for one copy and she sent three. Her Soul must of remembered the importance of the Indigo Warrior that She is. She sings Indigo Girl, an Awesome treasure to the world. She spoke of the many colors of the Rainbow clan, and how the Indigo Girl was going to save the world, and my beloved, you are right. Majella is from Ireland, and with a fire's heart like hers you can bet that the belly of Mother is known. From below the earth she did rise right up into the sky. Our beloved numinary gifts her soul to bear (the great love of heaven, the dark), the heavens' belong here. She is rerecording this piece now, Indigo Girl, 2009, and hope that some day, she will claim her Perfect Soul Warriorship and creating habits of gifting to the world, to show them the way throughout the world. Wherever she goes as a Present to the world, not for a fee, but FREE, a true treasure of the heart. White buffalo calf woman, the eldest son in the house of God, the crystal person, puts the youngest daughter in the house of God, the Indigo person upon my shoulders for all to see, and they will see up to the sky, for the Greatest Teacher is on her way, the Indigo Warrior who is here to stay. She gifts the greatest treasure, the souls to stay, the mighty rainbow that flies the way. Welcome home Rainbow Clan.

We visited a Violet Elder in Las Vegas, Dick Willams and Janeen gave us, Active-Indigos, $500 to journey to go and see the Elder. ( was not yet "keepers of active-indigos" while John was here) And here we journeyed to speak with many casually about my visions. My body was not well, but I went anyway. In fact Dick, Calf Woman and Holiness David met in Washington State at a doctor's office, as we both searched the best doctors in the West Coast. He offered me the photo of the White Calf, while we were visiting Las Vegas, but I said that he needed it more than I to protect him. He was our Host and gifted his heart to us and so much more already. A few Melchizedek Priests helped to hold my heart as I was seeking and Elder Violet Dick took me on the most grand spiritual journey while on the phone, before I came. He did not even understand my potential as a Crystal person and I was leading him around (he was pushing and guiding me from behind), but his strength as the Army of God, kept me safe as my Soul journeyed the stars and through dark holes, while greeting higher councils who seemed fearful of my presence, of every shape and size beings, just like a fantasy story out a numinous world of the dark. And then, as we journey in our luminous lives again, here upon the soil, we watched big business turn a piece of prime property in Las Vegas, that did not belong to them, and charge others, including the land owner, Dick Williams, for use of his own property. They probably usurped it all by now. Dick died and his friends all started to die around him. We bless his soul.

But as you can see, many treasures of the world where gifted by Janeen the Indigo Warrior. She is Mother of Eight Islamic Children and what a hand full. The children are all in different households around the world, as many of them travel to and from Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, United States and other places too, I'm sure. Anyway, she is a Buffalo Woman, an Indigo person, the same age as I, Calf Woman, a Crystal person, we were both born the Buffalo Year, 1961. Both of us had, what you call a water trine in western astrology, which means it's like a lucky star, and where water flowed, we would go. I also carried the wood trine, the law that unites heaven and earth. Anyway, Janeen's heart is a relative of the spirit, but her flesh needed more than Gold, as she was not able to receive her treasure. She has issues about money and I had to help her understand, that money was not important, but the ability to keep your word was more important. But like Indigo Warriors, they had to send me the arrow of reflection, however unpure. When will the pure hearts come home? She is a pure heart if she could only believe. If she could only forgive. If she could only let go of the money. How do we function, well Janeen knows all the answers, to how we will build communities, she is the Great Indigo Warrior, the Buffalo Woman, who spreads her wings over the earth to save Mother Earth. She is the builder of monuments and dreams that come true, when she too could believe it's true. The great spirit knows what to believe, but the flesh is young and cannot keep the power of knowing how complete the soul will bring to the flesh we keep. She the Fierce Warrior comes to greet, the sun in the morning and sun at night, to be complete. The Great Indigo Warriors are here to meet our Souls and guide us up the street. Vision come from their eyes, in fact she saw the sky, the yellow strands that hold us near, to refract all light, to be space here. And she is the one, who saw (Indigo Vision can see the soul's realm inside the luminous) my Crown, the celestial wisdom that it came from. And we wrote the song to be, let us all have liberty.

John, an Indigo Warrior started this group, active-indigos, and when he decided to go to Germany, he left the group to me, the crystal warrior, in which I made legal documents to the effect, and then again, became the keeper of Active-Indigos. John left us, and needed to journey to himself. Now we try to bring our Indigo Warriors home including John David Hope, for he is the most dedicated warrior I have ever seen. And he is the one who teaches us to look out for the Earth. He brings us Shifting dimensional perspective to all of us and how to make it right. Although, opposition is the nature of an Indigo, the true warrior departs only with the Soul, while their flesh stands the ground. These many Indigo Warriors do not know their own abilities and what I did not know how to communicate at the time to the world to speak of their perfection. You see I was seeking the many colors of the world, the Rainbow Clan, my relatives. Then all the colors started to match all the mathematical perfection, God had gifted to the world, as caretakers, the house of beloved, the Star of David, until it can be taken to the Ark of the Covenant. These treasures are living right inside of you, the story is only going to be housed. This is what many seek, the knowledge of the spiritual world. This is called Science and we have been relying on it for awhile now. However, God tells us, the Indigo Warrior is the Great Prophets not the Crystal people. They the Indigo people were and are the Great Teachers and will always be. The Indigo people they were the Soul of liberty, for they followed the Great Spirit Mother, where law of the land is known. And now Heaven is coming home to our Earth and the Indigo warriors, the colors of their personal Rainbow, will guide us here as Visionaries and Numinaries into the Dawning. For our Perfect Soul Warrior like John David Hope and the many of them, I was greeting, were all telling me that the world was going to shift it's access. North would be South and south would be north. Our Indigo Warrior is still in our lives while we communicate about his newsletters. He is learning to do RSS, really simple syndication and we are working to have our hearts greet again. Before he left, he gifted me a rock, his natural Mother gifted to him. The treasure I always carry, the green rolling hills, the story of the Rock. As you can see, John is the Great Prophet and Great Teacher to the world. Now we just need others to see this too, while we lift each other up into the sky and back home to earth, our garden of paradise.

When I first arrived at Active-Indigos, I walked with Indigos and in a way lived with them, in my life physically and spiritually, even many journeyed to me and showed me much, for they were teaching me to be me, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Elder Crystal to the world. Now, they, the Indigo warriors were saying that the Earth's poles would shift. Well I thought this is pretty amazing, if even possible. How could the North pole become the South Pole? This is pretty extreme, then everything and everyone else was saying and confirming what the Indigos, the Great Teachers and Prophets were saying, "that the sky is falling" and "the poles are going to shift". Now a lot of us, found this hard to believe and many will not believe it to their deaths. But shift, yes, shift, not only spiritually, but shift poles physically; north to south and south to north. Many Native Elder speak of the Red Sky that would show up, and when it appeared it would be too late. And the animals who call, like the Elephants who show us, that the whole of their vision as far as they could see, was red fire. All the earth to fire. And the young braves up north who saw a trickle in the ice of the northern glaciers, now a rushing river all over the glaciers.

Not only do the scientist exclaim that the ozone layers is starting to lack ozone, the barrier that protects our atmosphere, but the many stories of prophecy that substantiate the whole coming of change, the end of times as we know it are coming to fruition. Now I certainly realize that this story was told 2000 years ago also, to prepare us for these times right now, but the same evidence was not readily available to us, without our science of today. As we all know the whole of the world is based on Money exchange and we are more concerned with the few than with the many. But this was the time of the second rolling hill and renegades we have become to walk into the valley of darkness with our vision of the heart. We are fierce warriors who can survive when we learn to walk through fire over into the rolling hills of the third phase of evolution. It shall be the Rainbow Clan Warriors true of heart who shall lead us homeward, and the many Indigo Warriors whom shall add the arrow to your heart, just in time for your reflection. It is time for Indigo People to forgive the world, for there is much more a greater task at hand, the survival of the pure hearts. Let us trust our Indigo's when they speak their visions. Let us raise them up, to the world, so others may receive their teachings. And let us be the Rainbow Clan who honors their wisdom first!

Now, there is the arrival of the white calves, the native people foretell of these times when White Buffalo Calf Woman will bring the hoops
together. And the arrival of the red calves the suns of Israel foretold of these times when the House of David shall deliver the people homeward towards the Dawning. And the most importantly, the arrival of all the world, who is now going through a spiritual transition from only knowing the flesh of our lives, to the soul's return and seeming lack of understanding of it all, because we have not yet crossed over to the third realm when Heaven arrives. And we do not know how to share our stories or listen to the stories of others, we are Oneness together, not one over other. Money has blinded their own intelligence, as well as turning away from religion and spirituality. When we have so little left in our hearts, the pure hearts will remember to pray for the world and do good in the world and bless the world.

But this second phase of evolution, the rolling hills of time as we know it, is noted in many texts as winter solstice 2012. There shall be a calm before the storm, let us begin the migration by getting prepared, with our hearts, for if we think we can just walk off the Earth and go where I don't know! But we do need plan, and Elders Migration Agenda is working on it, "How to do this crossover into the Realm of Fire." Even those in Heaven need come here upon Earth to be safe. The purified shall know how, and the impure will burn in the fire to be purified. The impure will loose their bodies (not your souls, you will have to wait until their is a body to return in) and only the pure of heart will be able to move forward into the new time. This is a literal living prophecy and many of our Great Prophets, Indigo Warriors, who can see inside the realm of Heaven and see the truth in the light of the day. Many people have many things coming out of their bodies as many of our Indigos who have vision all over the world can see the truth of who you are and how impure your flesh can be. They can see all the impurities of the world, and they speak what they see, and they are crazy, well my little sister, the Indigo Person, in the house of God shall be the Great Prophets of the world, the Great Teachers of the World and the Crystal Elder will walk with them until the ends of time, to bring you home.

And I, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Elder Crystal Person is here to sing your songs, to speak your name from heaven, to know your earthly lights of sacred four directions. And to be your twin deer mother (twin heart on the journey of life, where mother gifts the laws and treasures), these are the gifts sent to thee. Not only can I gift these treasures I can read all sound, and read all images and answer all spiritual questions all pose, but so many fear even a blessing! And in the House of David, Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star is living up to his Kingship, in order that the many Kings (crystal, many lavender and many red people wear the King's Crown, and many overlays of these colors are the Prince and Princess of this world, who are here right now), who need take their place as soon as possible, but for now, Holiness David shall take their place and bless our very light to purification with his pure love. And the many royal true will be honored to serve the Lord, the Great Spirit Father, and follow the reign of Great Spirit Mother as the Dawning wakes us up inside as Heaven and Earth merge within and without. This is the year of the Golden Calf, according to the Yellow People, and I bless you, and keep you in my heart, but I have found that many refuse to get blessings, because simply they are afraid. You must face your fears and seek your way, until you can find your relatives who will hold you in your heart. To be loved, truly loved, is not what we are accustomed to, and this is the very shift we must learn to be a part of, receiving our relatives. We all have stories and we all have a heart, and if you use it, you will start to feel again. You will sing again. You will pray every day with fire again. You will be a part of the joy in gatherings in your neighborhood. And mostly, you will forgive those who came before you, for if you feel the need to hold on to your grudges, then you shall perish, it's that simple. So my beloved, heal your heart and ask for your blessings from anyone, I mean anyone who is willing to gift them for you. Receive love, especially from the pure hearts who will hold your hand and show you the way to true freedom and who know real love starts in heaven where our hearts flow within.

And a quote from Rainbow Toltec Warrior Hawkwind "Grandmother Going Places", a Gray Warrior (grandmother space, who walks us through destinies doors as Rainbow Toltec weaves our Destiny inside the realm of darkness the heaven within and without), "Yes it is very much worse than they let out because for decades they suppressed anything they did not like or grossly underestimated its effects on purpose. Also this subject has been taken over by the political people who care not one iota for the climate but want to use the goodwill of the concerned people for their own agendas."

"Frustrated, worried and disgusted by people's inaction and dumb excuses, even the more aware, educated, smart and financially better-off folks and... even those with kids. I'm afraid you're right in that the 2 degree warm up is unavoidable".says John David Hope, an Indigo Warrior (perfect soul warrior, who is has true vision in the world of luminosity and greatest warrior who can deliver the arrow of reflection to the heart of the people).

"Our generation failed to avert the coming disaster, and now our kids and grand kids will pay the price" says Phil, a Blue Warrior, the deep blue oceans of tears that know notions, the heart of you and the heart of the breeze.

As we can see, the truth is known really by all, but our Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy, of all colors and all races come home to know love from the four sacred directions. To contribute to the welfare of Heaven upon Earth. Are you going to apostasy (abandon your faith in your fellow man)? Many are not here yet, and we have our work cut out for us, before the actual shift of the poles, but we need prepare. We need learn to walk through fire. We need learn how to trust ourselves. We need to forgive and validate all those who do not know the will of God. And we need be the Greatest Warriors God ever sent upon this world. For this is the most difficult transition in the four sacred rolling hills in time, from knowing light, of EARTH, to knowing darkness, of HEAVEN. When you can know yourself, love your self and serve others all your rest of your lives, you may have a chance. But if you turn away from the Great Give-A-Way, you will not know the way to survival. Just because the world of ignorance wants you to deny and not face the truth, does this mean Elders and Warriors who have been sent ahead, should? I think not, we shall rise to our destiny. We shall be the Greatest Warriors upon the Earth and none, absolutely none will slain us, for our Hearts walk with the Great Spirits in the Heavens who walk with our hands, for the lambs of God shall inherit the Kingdom forever and ever.

Get ready, be prepared and ask for blessings...
your devoted servant,
white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother
elder crystal person, wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter

A Heart Song for the World today!
Julie Andrews: My Favorite Things "use this music when reading" starts like this, to help you remember. "Raindrops on Roses and whiskers on Kittens, Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens, etc. Remember the count is 4 (lines), 4, 4, 5. If you get lost go look at this song somewhere on Youtube or any Video or Sound deliverance to help you remember the music.

4. *Helium's coming to take the world over,
and find the light to scorch the way over,
to purify the world and see what I can be,
and if I don't listen to all that is here.

4. Why can't the world have open notions,
to all the blue open and sacred oceans,
and what they find instead leading in their heads,
is the notion of failure when we are unbred.

5. Take the shout out
and make the world sing
and we will be there again,
when all the world is coming to stand
and we are the new....ocean (relatives).

4. We are the mission to take the world over,
we are the rainbow who says it is over,
we've had enough and we want to fly high,
inside the open and blue eternal sky.

5.What can I do?
What can you do?
What can we do to save?
The world of it's notions
and time of blind oceans,
how can we turn them...home?

4. I have a notion that fills the ocean,
and I have a will that does fly over notions.
And I know that you are my relative pure,
and I open the heart to know the sky of the doir (freedom's style).

5.Deep inside the villa,
the house of God, we live on.
There is the will of all the little ones,
and I cannot see what they have to be,
for they don't turn and look at me.

4.The visions, the spirit, the sacred illusion.
Wake up and smell all the pollution
Don't have illusions just because they turn away,
open the heart's door to overturn them to stay.

4.Today we can find our way and I will be patient
for all the leaves (relatives) to return, the deer with it's patience,
only the pure hearts will make it this far,
for they are the true believing stars.

5. What can I do?
What can you do?
What can we do to save?
The world of it's notions
and time of blind oceans,
how can we turn them...home?

*Helium has four sacred directions two female electrons which hold us, and two male protons which lead us to follow and two neutrons which tell us what to do, like the spirit world who speak to us every day to guide our way. This is a good representation of the Perfection within. WE each have four sacred directions with two flowing through us all, the spiritual world of the Crystalline structure often called the "Stone River" or the "Trail of Tears". Helium lifts us up, like our spirits need lifting to the sky!


I'm afraid you're right in that the 2 degree warm up is unavoidable. Our generation failed to avert the coming disaster, and now our kids and grand kids will pay the price. The skeptics have one for now, but it's only a matter of time before they are proven wrong.

But the next generation still has a chance to do something about it and hopefully avoid making things any worse than they already are. For a bit of optimism, read "The Green Collar Economy" by Van Jones. If we can get enough people behind this movement, maybe we'll still see some real change within our lifetimes.


From: John <>
Re: Climate-Change - Why it's even worse than we feared.

On Sun, Aug 9, 2009 at 7:29 AM, John <> wrote:

Hi Phil,

Good to hear from you :)

Of course, there are still things that can be done (and I'm sure some will be done) but increasingly so for adaptation and preparation rather than avoidance. And the current (and very likely continued) inaction will make future action that much harder and more costly. I also don't think that truly decisive action will be taken in time to avoid worse to happen. For that I'm afraid its already years, if not decades, too late.

Recently for example it was discovered that the combined permafrost of Alaska and Siberia contains about 1.6 trillion (!) tons of greenhouse gases, three times more than previously estimated. And both the permafrost and the coastal methane clathrates have started to thaw.... In other words, it seems that if the current generation doesn't get their act together action-wise things will become very dicey indeed!

Yes, Van Jones does great and inspiring work (he recently was on KPFA, btw.) But very likely his ideas and those of other inspiring and progressive thinkers won't hit the mainstream until things have gotten so bad people will have to act to simply survive and stay alive (or very nearly so).

I'm absolutely convinced that some of humanity is going to survive and some of the survivors are going to be the part and founders of more enlightened societies (under very different circumstances and conditions than what today's activists are seeing, though).

Sorry about my less than optimistic views. But what I see in my neighborhood on a daily basis and what I hear in the news leaves me with no other conclusion. More to the point, there are tons and tons and tons of relatively easy and inexpensive things that we all can do to lower our collective eco-footprint, live more sustainably and support and further social and economic justice, all of which would make our lives that much better and have a huge impact if only more folks would agree to doing them.

So, why on God's Earth are people not doing them, let alone encouraging their neighbors to do likewise??? It's after all about living vs. mere survival a mere few decades away!

I'm trying my darnedest to lower my personal eco-footprint and pass on "actionable tips and info". At best I get polite indifference, at worst I experience outright hostility. Not a lot of fun...

On that happy note.....

Take care,


from Rainbow Toltec Warrior Hawkwind "Grandmother Going Places"
to Twin Deer Mother
date Sun, Aug 9, 2009 at 6:54 AM
subject Re: Climate-Change - Why it's even worse than we feared.

Thank You! (for sending this to me)

Yes it is very much worse than they let out because for decades they suppressed
anything they did not like or grossly underestimated its effects on purpose. Also this subject has been taken over by the political people who care not one iota
for the climate but want to use the goodwill of the concerned people for their
own agendas. Al Gore is perfect example. He gives lip service but his actions
show he does not care. His house is ridiculous and grossly inefficient. With his
money he could be completely earth friendly, use no power grid energy, could
make his own water, etc. Instead it is a monster example our present wasteful
energy practices.

The real issue is the Pollution which is killing our Mother Earth.
Global warming is largely a result of Sun spots, underwater volcano's and especially
the solar system entering into the photon belt. We are in the penumbra right now
of the photon belt and by 2080 will have entered fully into it. In Earth's past this
has always been the start of our Golden Ages!

A terrific book exposing the dangers of pollution is;

Our Stolen Future: How We Are Threatening Our Fertility, Intelligence and Survival-- A Scienti by Theo Colborn, Dianne Dumanoski, and John Peter Meyers
Rainbow Toltec Warrior Hawkwind "Grandmother Going Places"

On Fri, Aug 7, 2009 at 11:54 AM, John <> wrote:

Dear fellow Earth citizens:

This just in from NHNE News: Climate-Change Calculus - Why it's even worse than we feared - (Excerpt) Jim Watson of the University of Sussex wrote that "a new breed of climate skeptic is becoming more common": someone who doubts not the science but the policy response. Given the pathetic (non)action on global warming at the G8 summit, and the fact that the energy/climate bill passed by the U.S. House of Representatives is so full of holes and escape hatches that it has barely a prayer of averting dangerous climate change, skepticism that the world will get its act together seems appropriate. For instance, the G8, led by Europe, has vowed to take steps to keep global warming below 2 degrees Celsius by reducing CO2 emissions. We're now at 0.8 degree. But the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is already enough to raise the mercury 2 degrees (Celsius, that is). The only reason it hasn't is that the atmosphere is full of crap (dust and aerosols that contribute to asthma, emphysema, and other diseases) that acts as a global coolant. As that pollution is reduced for health reasons, we're going to blast right through 2 degrees, which is enough to ex-acerbate droughts and storms, wreak havoc on agriculture, and produce a planet warmer than it's been in millions of years. The 2-degree promise is a mirage.

The test of whether the nations of the world care enough to act will come in December, when 192 countries meet in Copenhagen to hammer out a climate treaty. Carlson vows that IPY will finish its Arctic assessment in time for the meeting, and one conclusion is already clear. "A consensus has developed during IPY that the Greenland ice sheet will disappear," he says.
Since the Internet is chalk full with tips and ideas about how to lower one's eco and carbon footprint I won't add any - it seems a waste of time, anyway. More to the point, I only know one (1) person who's sincerely lowering his impact on our still beautiful planet, alerting others about the dangers ahead and who is working hard on getting more folks on board! Go figure...
Frustrated, worried and disgusted (by people's inaction and dumb excuses, even the more aware, educated, smart and financially better-off folks and... even those with kids),

Phytoplankton Threatened by Climate Change...
In addition to forming the base of the food chain, phytoplankton also...
absorb large amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere,
and emit large quantities of oxygen.
Lower levels of plankton means more carbon dioxide
in the atmosphere and faster global warming...
leading to still lower plankton populations
and successively more warming.
Rutgers University

Fire Offers Purification