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Elders Migration Voice

Blessings and Love and Aho to all my family, the relatives of the ancient and holy tree,

All my love comes to you (the children) in the wind, finding it's way past all of the sin. I do not care if you hated yesterday, it is only in the NOW that we can find our perfect waves. Round and round and round we twirl, you do a dip and I do a whirl. The merry-go-round is happy and gay, and we will find family through-out all the daze. Remember that your Great Spirit Mother and Great Spirit Father are watching you ride, they are waving at you as you pass them on by. Did you climb on a monkey for the circle to be, or did you sit upon the donkey for all he can see? Did you pass by the lion for a ride upon the moon, or did you find your little soul just wanted to sit and spoon? It is all alright if that is your choice, your book of life holds all your sacred voice. Just remember to grab for the rings, and when it is time, climb down into mother's arms to dream.

Aho my little children and grandchildren... fly high and fly free, it is glory you are seeking to bee.

Love Grandmother Comfort in the Wind your Sunshine Glory Shines, elder gray child,, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

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Friday, October 15, 2010

How Do We Get Along, When We Feel Hum Drum? Make me Feel Better, Prayer Lift Me Home!

Southern Season, our beloved Song of Heaven, Holiness David Running Eagle (Father Red Hand) and I, your Twin Deer Mother (White Buffalo calf Woman) are here for you.  He is sending love to purify and drumming to unite broken hearts. Perfection is always, you cannot be not perfect. You just are perfect (it's in the mathematical perfection). This is what makes everyone greatness. But claiming this (our soul from heaven), well that's a deep place, where water fills up, our tears are captured and filled with the embrace.  This is our heaven, always there to catch us when we fall. Love is key, to all questions, and is the answer (how? validate/reverberate others, this is the allowing of heaven). Blessings create the Star of David, four sides (holy temple referred to the Buffalo home, which offers us four sacred directions in rainbow colors), where the two other sides of winds blow (total six sides).  It feels easier when we bless, we take care of the inner mess. Our soul feel set free, when other spirits could have whispered impureness to me, but those who bless daily, spiritually and physically with fire and water, find that they are fond of the breeze, the holy winds, that come from God. Today was a cloud, let us sing and drum to alleviate the stream (crystalline stone river) for an outstanding dream. Your devoted servants, Elders of the Blue

Song of Heaven inspired Heart Song

Let me roll in thunder (space collapses, implosion).  Can you feel the clown (healing). What does it matter, when so much is abound. Find the heart of the answer, where all butterflies (breath, merkaba or vehicle) do loom (folding together, the many rooms in Gods house), bring me back to heaven, where all the ground blooms.

There my heart whispers, come sail away with me. The child within is saying, come close and set me free.  Great Spirits I call upon you.  I hold you in my heart, but I know I must stand before you and act like a royal ark.

Days fill me with misery, when all my relatives are sad.  But my heart leans towards love this day, to make every thing feel glad.  It's hard to whisper to this journey when others don't feel this way.  I keep up with blessings, to make it a perfect day.

Feel my heart tremble, feel the heart within (descending wave, heavenly lesson, turn to a treasure with use of loving actions and reactions). Sometimes, I wonder, how can I feel like a dove (peaceful gathering).  Glory is upon us, my salvation returns to me, because I am a hero, where God (godly actions, purification) does set me free.

And If I could fill a mountain (holy, sacred), and climb to the stars (united four directions, thus shines). My heart will feel this anguish, when others don't know how.  And if they only understood, that blessings could keep them safe, but until that day, I'm over here to pray, to heal those who have lost their way. My soul come close to me today.

Magic is upon us, when we realize, heaven is bounding, with teams of divine.  And we could be forever, when dreams go fulfilled, and we will be in a journey, where dreams cover us with love.

Woman she is my mother, my wife, my sister too.  She is my daughter, who I am fond of just like fools (healers, children make you smile).  I know it's all from heaven, the darkness that she brings. I know her job is to hold me close (spiritual embrace, validation), so I may dream another day.

Man he is my father, my husband, my brother too.  He is my son, who I am fond of just like fools
(healers, children make you smile).  I know it's all from earth, the lightness that he brings. I know his job is to hold me close (physical embrace, negotiation), so I may dream another day.

Together we are mountains, holy and divine. Man (flesh, light, red road) and Woman (soul, dark, blue road), do shine!  WE are made of rainbows, where all are related to, the next option open, the loyal royal view.

Can you jump so high?  Can you touch the stars and fly?  I know my heart does leap, to keep it all inside.  But now it's time to let it out, my heaven teach me to shout.  Let my voice ring for liberty, set my soul free. 

There will be days, when I won't come, because I had to do another drum, but I will be there, close to you, when I can sew/sow.  I will find your heart in need, send others to you while I breathe, but I will be there, as soon as I compare, the perfect time believe.  It's always a perfect dream. 

WE can't always know what is wrong or right (trusting flesh the reflection of you), but if we learn to trust our hearts (trusting soul, the truth of you), then all come clear, all is near, what we must do, bring in a new view.  It's heaven, where we roam. It's now found a home, the blue lake in front of me, where Mother keeps us warm (in our hearts).

Let the light from streaming out of me, a light from within will set me free.  And I will know, how to flow in heaven's arms, with such charm.  It's blessings that keep me safe.  It's blessings, that help us to relate.  It's what we need to do, to be loyal and true, the righteous bleu (freedom style).

I allow all to come into me. I ask God (relatives of the blue, me and you, the god within you) to help me be set free. And I lean towards love this day, to bless the sails, upon the shores of time.  I billow freedom to my friends (helpers). I find a will to walk again.  Relatives hold me close again, I will find you.  You are my blue (royal true).

And when the day turns into dawn, the morning breaks all in song.  And I know it's time, for our return to family, rainbow clan who are free. Thank you for all you do and say, to bring in love the righteous way. I know it's what our hearts need say, to liberate the fields of play.

Come walk with me, gardens paradise set the sun down in me.  I am among the heavenly stars at night, but then I am awaken from all plight.  Embrace me sun, the star went down.  I am lacking my light today, could you hold my hand and pray?

Come greet me with song, help me to get along.  I am feeling sad today, because I am not leaning on love. I will bless the space I nest. I will bless the space of the universeness.  I will bless the creation within me, just like I bless all the sacred leaves (relatives on the tree of life).

The day is living a dream.  I just don't want it to end this way. I have so much to do and play, but I know, I must rest and view heavenly days.  Remember my heart needs me.  Remember the sacred tree needs me.  Remember the fields need me, to bless and make them free.

And when I stand before the Great Spirit Man, the Father in heaven, who does command. I shall be witness to your love. I shall protect your wife, this earth.  I will be good for you.  My great grand daddy, I will be good for you.   I will show you, (swelling heart) how I can love you.   I will walk with love in my heart. I will never part, without love in my heart.  I will walk towards those, who don't know of this love, because you asked me too, I am the blue, your grandchild, your great child (great grand child, the rainbow children).  Your family, here does love you!

Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother, elder crystal person and Sacred Drum by Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star, your Father Red Hand, elder lavender person, for the heart song for Southern Season, our Song of Heaven, elder green person.

This is a portion below is from the Elders Agenda Meeting October 13, 2010. We have included this lullaby to assist relatives, to know the embrace of love, when all seems unwanted.  Our hearts will feel, all that is still.  Welcome to heaven, where we strum.

Sunlight (keeper of the talking sticks):
I pickup the stick to tell the betwixt, that it's time to go where the river flows. And time does shine, where all is time, and I do share my glow. I gift the stick for those who gift the voice of Angels know, and here I pass the divining graft, to the heart of their sublime. I show you a heart, who is always a part, His Majesty Royal Blue, We call him the Tonal Blue (tb).

tb: Thank you for introducing me, but I can see it made her fall asleep (laughing) and I will show this day, a culminating wave, to share the voice of God to all his saints, my mother (Great Spirit Mother, not to me, who sits to my left always, eastern shore), you understand my ways.  -  Space/ resting  -  I am thankful you allow me to speak, I pick up this favorite talking stick, so that I might share, the rumbling rare of many in my tribe who long to pair (unite), to be safe in all realms beyond compare. I come today, to ask you for a song. I wonder why others feel this strong (treating him with such reverence). I know I come to, be true and blue, but I am no different than the rest, but my heart seems to always pass the test.

(took care of Holiness and propped his pillows in order he could continue drumming for us.WE want all to be comfortable in their parts.)

It's sweet that you care for your little nest. and that you try your very very best. We know all that you do, including the royal true, we are grateful for all that both of you do, all the little children too, who have a view. I put down the stick, I am grateful for this. I am praying, you are always safe. Thank you.

cw: His Majesty Royal Blue, We call him the "Tonal Blue" Sacred Song Blessing. He offers us a lullaby from heaven.

Image: Snake represents the law of love, medicine along the red road along the heavenly stream of the blue road. Visit, to learn about the four roads.

Waving streams of stars in my hands, waving to find, all this land. A place to call home, a paradise in bloom. WE are looking truly free.  Come my children walk with me hand in hand. Let me feel your warmth upon my hand.  Let me feel your whispers, I love you true, because you belong to the blue (relatives, me and you). My heart is longing for you.

There is a journey over the hills, awakening so many stars that feel the dream. Wanting and waiting for heaven's dream, to come feel the garden in it's breeze.

When the rainbow appears in the sky, I wonder about the powder of clouds.  Can they fly in the rain, while whispers do gain, winds that blow yonder right under our nose. I smell freedom in the air. Feeling freshness everywhere, where springtime comes and wears like doves. We do gather in the night sky.  We do clatter, when we close the shutters tight, but in the morning, it's lullabies.  IN the darkness of the night, we sing songs, more songs.  We sing sweetness to get along.  WE bang our heads on the drums, we do know how to run. Over fields and dreams closer to me. I bless the heart of the royal breeze.

Come bring me home, to where buffalo roam (rainbow colors, who find a home in each other's heart), my heart does appear, to that day. But if I don't know where to go, my heart lingers in the snow (sacred blessings).  Come greet me, hold me close. Come fill me, with red roses
(law of love) and thorns (lessons from heaven), for we are true to the test, to make it all red (law of love) and blessed. It's love that gains the ground, where we worship all like clowns, where they heal with laughter within.  And the clowns teach us to laugh about everything.  We need be perfectly, the journey we are experiencing.  It's a dream world.  It's a place we share.  It's a dream world.  It's what we do dare.  It's a dream world.  It's what I must do for you.  It's a dream world, my heart is willing and true.

I want to gift my heart to the saints. Can I fill your emptiness and pain? Can I hold you near, when you are in fear. Can I come to rescue you? Can we be true, holding to this view.  WE come towards the heart, of those who shout and part.  WE need know what they feel. We need know what is real.  Come my darlings come and try, come my darlings come reach high. You can find a world with love, if you deserve to be like doves (those who do their sacred water and fire blessings). And I know you do, want to be set true. And I know you want to sing and dance (blue and red), to let your heart soar over chance and be true to your soul (blue), you are walking over a rainbow (red robe, the prayer cloth).  It's a world inside, that keeps us upright. Bring all that is near to you.  Come home to the sacred and true.

cw (white buffalo calf woman). How beautiful a song, unlike many songs, I can see why this could people to sleep, it's lullaby really, Holiness does agree. Thank you for sharing your heart. Holiness says, you are welcome.

tb: Tonal Blue" can I pick up the stick. (WE all nod yes). Thank you for singing my song. Thank you Holiness David Running Eagle, you are great, thank you for drumming and uniting us together. I really appreciate it.  I know you are not always recognize in the darkness of heaven, upon your land of earth, but we recognize you now upon heaven's girth. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for your spirit that soars.

hd (Holiness David): Thank you.

cw:  Tonal Blue, is this all for you?

tb: No, I just wanted to say, I'm a bit swayed at your swooping song, that you gave. Thank you so much, I have to pray.  I am your servant, if you need me call. But I know, you need me to take my place. I will attempt this grace. Aho, my smiling face, Miss Little White Calf (putting a smile on my face).

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Elders gift the heart of love, they bring us closer to those of doves (peace, and walking on water is of faith), the flight of heaven sent from inside, the darkness of the numinous glow. Here we long to know our peace, the grace of gifting, the embrace of geese, and we flow together right in a row, because the formation is the Sacred Rainbow (Star of David's perfection, the lambs of God). Can we really know your sun (the golden light, when we know the soul and flesh unites, when we say what we do), well God is coming and we are planning the run (over rolling hills, we journey), the race of men, the lights of the buffalo bloom (four sacred directions within you), here we come, to know your zoom (flight of the soul). I hope to sea you on the other side, where we are to be like hides (skin of the soul, the lights, our flesh, the red road, where law of love presides), the story written on our cells, that love, carried us through!