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Elders Migration Voice

Blessings and Love and Aho to all my family, the relatives of the ancient and holy tree,

All my love comes to you (the children) in the wind, finding it's way past all of the sin. I do not care if you hated yesterday, it is only in the NOW that we can find our perfect waves. Round and round and round we twirl, you do a dip and I do a whirl. The merry-go-round is happy and gay, and we will find family through-out all the daze. Remember that your Great Spirit Mother and Great Spirit Father are watching you ride, they are waving at you as you pass them on by. Did you climb on a monkey for the circle to be, or did you sit upon the donkey for all he can see? Did you pass by the lion for a ride upon the moon, or did you find your little soul just wanted to sit and spoon? It is all alright if that is your choice, your book of life holds all your sacred voice. Just remember to grab for the rings, and when it is time, climb down into mother's arms to dream.

Aho my little children and grandchildren... fly high and fly free, it is glory you are seeking to bee.

Love Grandmother Comfort in the Wind your Sunshine Glory Shines, elder gray child,, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

What is the Way? Elders Show Us Today!

"The power that bonds a tribe is the yin or feminine principle— receptivity with gentleness (To Receive). Relationships are improved through cultivation of these as we join around the sacred fire (Purification) she tends, the laws of love, the Red Road. If you do not RECEIVE, you will then receive her wrath of a warrior when you have not been a good family member and contributed. If you do not receive other family members, then a "living hell of suffering" will be upon you (in other words Mom gets angry with you).  She loves you and knows this is the only way for you to get back on the right path. Learn to accept both advice and aid from others, validate, and be willing to assume an appropriate role in any group that supports good relating, negotiate. A good team player is always valuable to others.  Increase your value, renegotiate! (To Give) The fruits of her labor is water.  Earth is our Mother who gives us water to purify our lives and Father Heaven gives us light, the fire she tends, to purify our lives.  When Heaven and Earth walk together, joy is known and our dreams come alive!  Keep our family units together and united, this is Love's way, the law!


Rainbow Colors Story
First the darkness met the light.  They traveled on a path together and behind them was the past.  Ahead, was their journey together. Then they had a dream, a child was born.  Joy was born, a family was born, the reflection of the heart was born. They needed protection, a warrior , who could defend the perfect house of G_Ah_d (G: utterance-talking Ah:Heaven-reflection D: transmission-walking), the loving family.  They reached outward to the Heavens with their heart's voice and a song to greet the light; here upon the underworld called Earth we sought the new world, Heaven above. And now, the light has touched the darkness once more and returned home again.  Here we know the Gardens of joy and pain.  The knowledge of the reflection lives in our hearts. Remember, the past is the journey after the light and dark meet.  If we wipe this away or bury it, our past, then what do we have? Nothing. We need claim and share our hearts reflection.  We must make this walk, the truth of the heart, according to the laws of Heaven that is now upon us, the sacred way on Earth.


Do not enter without a
That us, we are the Rich Ones, 
who have access to all the world's treasures!
"We have the answers to the great migration, 

the Elders who walk the way of the Oneness!"
says Twin Deer Mother "White Buffalo Calf Woman".

Validate, Negotiate and Know your PERFECTION. 
Do not defend! 
The first time you do this, you will be asked to leave the meeting immediately.
Know you are perfect and validate the heart of another, "Receive". 
This is the Law of Love, the Red Road.
Know your
perfection Elders "Golden Angel Warriors" the rising sun,
of the Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy!

Three very good points to remember:
1. We are supposed to teach each other the Red Road, the Way, the Path to God, the Laws of Heaven of Love to each other.  We are all mentors.
2. We teach Earthly Love (our actions), Forgiveness and Truth through
compassionate warriorship skills (Fair Fighting for the 'Warrior Down').
3. We have to take someone with us (unification) when we depart this

Earthly existence  and move onward towards our Eternal Heavenly existence.
(more that one is okay) Says, Holiness David

Elders Agenda Meeting  02172010 5:30pm
"What is the Way?" 
cw: Calf Woman (White Buffalo Calf Woman)
hd: Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star
sl: Sunlight (keeper of the sacred talking stick)
cs: Cameron of the house of Shawn
dl: Direction of Light, she of pure delight
wi: William, the Ghost of the House of Sin (Earth)

Blessing with pipe fire blessing...

cw: Thank you God for this day, for giving me life to pray.  I thank you for the blessings to day, the nine directions and all they say.  Come and gift the hands of love, north south east and west, from above.  then the inside and the out, down below as same above.  come and be the blessings free, come and dance with divinity.  We are here to land some time, in the place we call sublime. In the hands of God is time.

hd: We are blessed, don't you sea, the glory of divinity.  I bless the nine directions the best, the place I hold inside this nest.  We are coming to make a stand, be bold and take my hand.  We are going to know the world, the place we hold so dear, the place we think we fear.

Holiness David starts the sacred drum!
Blessings confirmation by White Buffalo Calf Woman, elder crystal person
Upper heaven song
we are knowing where the wind blows.  we are going to behold.  we are the song of life does bring, come let's hold the dawn within.

One on the ceiling you need depart, next time you will bless, and you can impart,  please escort him out to the door, where there will be those who can promise more (teach the fire ceremony to him).
confirmed fire blessings

Heaven song
there is a low land, we do come from, down in the valley, where the shadows land.  we inspire goodness everywhere.  we are the heaven who feel despair.
confirmed fire blessings great proud of you.

Earth song
giddy up, giddy up, the song and dance do fill our cup, we are the hands of divining calls, the place where we make our calls.  giddy up, giddy up, we can roam and fall.  giddy up, giddy up, let the horse run tall.
confirmed fire blessings, proud of you.

Lower heaven song
boom chiddy ump low, boom chiddy oh, come and dance the greatest show, come and land upon the fire's glow.  feel the heartbeat of the nest, where the problems are the best.  we deliver hands of time, down below, we bellow thine. boom chiddy ump, here we go, we dance and bloom a perfect show.

all is
confirmed fire blessings, I am so proud

cw: that is awesome, so great of the four directions,
confirmation of whole.

Okay, this is White Buffalo Calf Woman and Holiness David Running Eagle holding the stick.

Volunteers who flow to help those, the six who have gone below, or outside to help those learn the fire ceremony to glow (participate).  Okay, topic today, is "what is the way?"

cw: Sunshine (keeper of the talking stick) and Henry (priest), are you prepared, let us start with the first to say.

sl:  We are ready, and I present the first speaker Cameron, from the house of Shawn, he is blond, the world of light, he brings to us perfect delight.

cw:  Thank you Sunlight, and Henry for your blessings (they bow).  Please forgive me Cameron of Shawn, we need do the second blessing of fire and sing the song. Holiness David Running Eagle does the second fire ceremony walk about and White Buffalo Calf Woman sings.

We are on a traveling sound, the song of Angels do expound,  What do we need, but pure of heart, to follow those in the dark.  Can we vision a new world that comes, we need those, to hold our hands.  Can we find the will to mend, the broken hearts, who are just friends.  Come my relatives do impart, the golden light to begin the start, waking into the world of dreams, hold on to me, for all is a breeze, hold on to me, for all to sea. 

We can climb mountaintops.  We can dream from where we start.  Take up refugee in thine arms, to find the heart of all sublime.  We can bee the dream of thee, if we begin to dance inside of thee.  The heart that glows, the man who knows, that we are here to give our toes.  WE are here to guide of those.

But you walk away from me.  What makes you feel this breeze. Do you fear, for what lies ahead?  Do you have the warmth of bread. come and guide your heart with me.  come and feel, the longing breeze. There we go, to distant lands, the place we call the hands of time.  The place we gather, to be with thine.

And now you think, you know the way, but unhappiness is what you feel today.  Do you think that we could be, the hands of time, for all to bee. the hands of time, for all to sea.  Feel your heart full of divinity. go and gather and be with thee.  Hold your heart for all to see, the tears of time, will set you free. the tears of time, will set you free.

Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman

cw: Okay, Cameron, you may begin now

cs: Thank you for the lovely song, we are so proud we can get along.  And now it's time to set our ways, the place we feel is such a maze.  I am here to show the way, the hands of God is here to pray.  I know we need I know we grieve.  And now we set the heart to our knees.  What does it come to all the world, if we long to fear ourselves.  And what can we do to make us great is believing in all we do that's late.  We can offer so much to the blind, if we only care enough to make it chime.  I want the world, to see it's not too late, but to make a heart full of goodness sakes.
cs:  I have to say, it's not always easy to portray, the hills of divine in all we say.  And I wish we could follow the world at large, but evolution calls us, to make us blind.  To make us sea, to make us believe, to show that goodness is written in thee.  How can a man, look the other way, when all he need do is care and say.  I know we wish upon a star and we can offer them so much more.  The bellow of confusion is here to stay, to make it a place for us to play.
cs:  The only thing we could do, is offer us some more of the muse.  And if we could play in the shadows instead of hide, then we could be the heart, not divide. Each day, we linger to find a way, each day, we find a new deciding way.  Each day, we think we know the test of time.  And each day, we long to be so blind.  But if we could choose to look deep inside the eyes.  We could find, there is so much more of pride.  We think we offer so much to the world, but we haven't the power without a herd.
cs:  And if we could find a will to pray all together in a brand new day.  then we could follow each others ways, to understand the hall of fame, the place we pray.  I want my relatives everywhere to bee the understanding of all the prayers.  I know we look outside ourselves, but it's time to seek ourselves.

cw:  So wonderful

cs:  And when we seek the place we need, then we can holler and feel the breeze, come and let the sunshine out, to be the sky, where there is no doubt.  I have to say, it's in our hearts today.  but we need focus on what we do and say. To bring the outwards into the nest, to trust our souls inside the blessed.  And when we follow our souls knowing ways, then and only then will we find our dismay.  WE will learn to gather in time, to be the souls, who are guiding and not blind.
cs:  But right now, we seek so much upon this earth.  We seek the heart of a perfect girth.  To allow our brothers to shine from above, to bee the locomotion of a time that's lost.  The new dawning is bringing home, the sound of angels that are unheard.  And now it's the beginning of a new age.  The place we ponder to say, " I have a heart, and I will use it this day".  Not an easy presumptuous way, but a longing for the deeper play.  To call our lives in such a way, we do not holler and play.  But if we trust the soul that guides, we will find a brand new chide.  To push ourselves into being the best, will test the time, to lend a hand to mend our ways.
cs:  I can say, there is much to do.  And I can follow all of you, but what makes happiness feel this way, if we don't share what we have today.  The longing of tomorrow is the blessed fact, that it's eternal and it's a blast.  But the dance and wisdom has not come home yet, and we need learn to be the perfect blessed.  I put down the stick.  Thank you for listening to me.

cw:  Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom for this agenda today, "what is the way?"  She would like a song, no she will pass.

cw:  next speaker please, after a two minute break 6:06

6:08 drum begins again

cw: Sunlight, who is next

sl:  I bring to you, the hands of God, the locomotion who brings the prod, his name is Direction of Light, who shows us how to have delight.

dl: I come today to speak of new ways, to yonder fall away.  WE come to destroy a land of praise, to bring in a land of play.  How can we achieve this way, to falter in all we do and say.  I think we need to open up, to bring the heart of an empty cup.  There the greatness does fall, the whole of unity is it's call.  We dream and we bring the new dawn, but so many think that the flesh will get along, not realizing what is about to change, that we are here to destroy old ways.
dl: And if we come to a promise land, we must start with an open hand.  The many who are calling to the songs of love, have not realized all that is above.  We always call to those we need, but how about we turn to the leaves, the tree of life in everyone, we are servants, so bold if we please.  We do care for our relatives, when we shout and say, come down on your knees.  There is goodness everywhere, but we need look inside and stare.
dl: The many ways of coming home, are thought of by the many souls.  We are part of a greater good, and now it's time we act like we should.  And if we can offer thee, the hands that move in divinity, then we can falter in what we do and say, and then negotiate a better way.  It seem that criticism is not of love, but love can come from criticism's way.  And we need learn to receive our clan, to open up the hearts of man.
dl: The many who chide others away, are not especially the turning hay, but they are the ones who need the most, because they are righteous, in what they say.  A voice comes out of them today.  If we holler and give a good shout, then we know what it's all about, but to unite the broken heart is first, to mend the difficult burst.
dl: There are many who disguise their ways, thinking they are the humility way, but often they are seeking the pat on the back, because they are not really of God's  pack. The rainbow warriors, they know it's time, to walk into the heart of those who are blind.  But to fight for what is wrong in the world, well give it up, and follow the heard, we are the devoted who are tried and true, and we will fight for me and you, to unite broken hearts and find a new way, to forgive all the soldiers who died and played.
dl: How can there be our hearts renewed if we don't bow to every view.  We need to understand, what it' means to be a ghost, the spirit world, who can loose the most.  We are coming down to this world, and how can we be offered to the lost unheard.  (tears from a child) They don't look at us with love, they don't think we need their love.  They take and take from all of us, but we are the children of the dust.  We need you, to help us down there.  How will we ever make it that way.  And I have to give them what they need, but they never seem to think of me.  They take and take and what can we do, when we are the voice with so many views.  And when will it be turn for us to bee, the little children with needs. 
dl: We look down below, where man does walk and think, how do they do it with their talk. WE will have to come with their hate, and show them how they relate.  And we are so saddened by the fact, that we can do nothing but react.  We must show them who they are, the ones who care enough to make it a fact.  (continuing tears since the start of tears)  And now it's time to make a new day, yet they all sit down and pray.  Help us, help us, they say.  (swelling heart)  but never do they say, what can i do today (for you).  (such pain and tears).  We are in need of their love, yet they don't ever think of us, in need or say.  They only think they know the way, yet they don't take care of their own children's play. (rolling tears)
dl: Tell the world, heaven is coming home.  And we are going to show them how to roam.  Going back and forth is not an easy call, the law of love, will destroy them all.  And we will loose so many hearts, who gloat and call upon the starts.  thinking they know what to do, but leave us behind without any clues.  they only ask and receive our love, but what we need is for them to call. Let us give you, what you need, because we love you in the breeze.  How do we teach them this is the sacred way?  how do we show them what is heard this day?  I  know we need to love and make a stand, but really don't they need to lend a hand.  I have come to show the truth of my heart, that gloats the broom, to sweep up those who think they know, down the collar of the below.  The evolution's calling is bringing us home, and so many what do they think of roam. (big breath)  I will be here with elders who care.  I know I will be safe, when their arms are around my phone.  And when I call I will listen to them. then they will turn around and listen to me.  WE shall be the episiotomy (opens the wider childbirth), that cuts ignorance away, and mends the homes.  The womb of the children are from the dark, and now it's time to light it apart.  We can bee the heart of the leaves, when we get down on our knees.
dl: Not only will prayer begin the way, the solid blessings of a new day.  I say my beloved children this day, come home to serving others before you pray.  Offer the services that you have.  offer the world who are so sad.  go to your neighbor and have a good cry, because you will both need each other to survive. I put the stick down, but before I leave, my calf woman, will you please read, my four sacred directions in the breeze. (crying and crying, and my breath is lost.  I need to stop and rest, wiping away tears and catching the breath)

cw: let us take  2 minutes to rest. 6:30pm. Breathing...emptiness that must be filled up, let us know the heart of the nest, those of heaven are children who need be blessed.

cw:  Direction of light, who shows us how to have delight. four directions, tools of light, the rainbow colors are:
cw:  first color:  is the heavenly call, the song of angels who do fall, and it's the color of kingdom come, the 12th generations who fall, this is the color of the divine, the law of love every time, it's the hearth of a new world, the seventh harmony of fulfill.  She is the color the nest, the place where the heart breaths, it's communication and binding the house of God, where the green grass does know the call. cw:  The center of a room is bare, the space where all is open to share.  It's in this place, where direction is known, the center of the world who directs us home.
cw:  Second color is the will to walk, and with this calling we do talk.  it's the emptiness of an open tomb, the round and round of doom, but when we fall down this slide, we evolve knowing love, is the call.  this color is the strength of a holy army, where joy is know, in all we do, the place where there is a clue, strict devotion to you.
cw:  And here we know it's the hands of God who bring us home, when we make the call.  The round about is fighting for love, protecting those who deserve, to roam and be bounded with disease, because we shared the last stand.
cw:  The third color is the one who shouts, it's gone, now let us begin a new bout.  It's a time of renewal in everything, let's call upon the oceans that cleans. I say, it's the color of spring, the many speckles of delight we bring.

w:  Holiness what's the matter:

hd:  Sorry, I have to turn off the generator we are running out of gas.  Let us take two 6:39pm Thank you for the short break there.

cw: Continuing, it's the sunshine in all we do, it's the star with all the clues, and we call it Grandfather light, the humble call of surprise.  Now when we fall down the sliding colors of the rainbows call, we enter a world who fumbles and falls, but we know how best it can bloom, when our hearts do loom.  And if I had to gift the world, the smile of a baby who knows the child of delight, I come to offer you this might, the heart that bursts to know our love is greater than my might.  The grandfather's calling is of this world, where love is longing over the hills, and it's the time of the return, to join the souls, who learn.
cw:  The fourth color is the hands of love, it always gives at any cost, but it brings such sadness to the devout, because we are not the last.  And it 's the color of one true love, it's the Great mother who holds out for such delights, who serves others without thinking of herself, yet is protected by all the angels of worth (the indigo warrior).  She is inside of me, outwardly who bursts, the soul, of lights, that direct this girth.  And when I come to greet each soul, I find myself, offering more than their worth.  I tend to give them the open girth.  But over and over again, they don't realize, how important a Mother can hide.  She needs to be loved in all she does, let's find a way to provide.
cw:  And here we have the four directions to day, for direction of light, who shows us how to have delight, four directions are: 1 (inner, or eldest light) communication and binding the house of God, where the green grass does know the call. 2.  the strength of a holy army, where joy is know, in all we do, the place where there is a clue, strict devotion to you. 3. grandfather light, the humble call of surprise and 4.  Great mother who holds out for such delights, who serves others without thinking of herself, yet is protected by all the angels of worth (the indigo perfect soul warrior).
cw:  And when we glisten to her broken heart, let us remember, to have a great and wonderful start, to offer the heavens in all they need, like children who deserve your love please. 

dl:  Thank you child, the Calf who sings the way, into a brand new day.  I feel fortunate in all you say, by bringing the heavenly ways.  I hope the children will learn to pray and remember to offer us too this day.  We are delighted as children who call, we are the small, we need not defend this wall, but we are the few, the elders of the blue, the heart of Mother Earth, the sky of Heavenly girth, the way into the springs of water, that offer us blessings true.  I put down the stick, and thank you all.

cw:  Take a break and take one more speaker, 7 minutes 6: 53pm Alright. Two more minutes for all to do need, to lie down to get some relief.

7:03pm Drum begins again. Last speaker today, come forth for your blessings from Henry and pick up the stick from Sunlight.

wi:  My name is William, the ghost of the house of sin (Earth).  And I come to bless the world, who grin. Now I realize my name is not what it sounds, but really I have come to serve all the clowns.  They are the ones who need my call, for they are in need of the fall.  The ghosts are the souls of everyone and the house of sin, is the earthly call.  And in it's light, it's fire so bright, they get lost inside the halls.  I am the one who brings to them, the halls of delight in everything, not the one who glims (glimmer of light) and reflects, but the one who pushes and neglects, the flesh who conspire to all their sins, I come to bring them the hall of winds.  It's the soul, that needs them to take charge, not the flesh which is impermanent who frets.  I know we are going to be a great big bang, but we need those who will show the hands.  There is so much to do, with so little at hand, how will we get to the promise land?
wi:  We have to make a great big fall, down on the knees and prayers for us all, heaven and earth, the four directions call, to bring us home to the halls.  It's the center of the world, the place we call, our homes, our families, our loving calls.  "But what can we really do to make this change?"  I say, we need follow our souls to gain.  With every sin committed an act of fraud, not of the flesh, but of the soul, who calls.  We need trust our souls of the night, the blessed, who need prayers to find delight.  We shove our homelands, of the other shore, and bring us closer, to know more.  And what can be done, if we don't care enough, for those are children, our delight who run.  Over rolling hills, the do call, and we from heaven need to make this fall.  And when the children from down below, realize, they are the elders, who make the show, we then may become powerful beings, to take part of the cleansing spring.  I want the world, to realize one thing, if only they could seek inside where the waters bring.  "Hold on to my heart, I sing to you, I bring all the fountains with a view.  I hold on to your delighting ways, when you show me, how you love me too."  This is what I believe the "Four directions of a delight" calls for.  She is asking us to  bring our souls home to take care of the world of heaven and earth.  As parents of the soul world of heaven, it is the responsibility of man over the rolling hills, to continue to take care of us, and of a brand new view. 
wi:  There shall be a cleansing,  We all know it's coming our way. Those who prepare, will survive the days. To dream, dance and sing a new way, "brotherhood, here we come this day,"  Down in the valleys of the looking glass, I say, how can we last.  But faith is always the key of One, the God we all belong.
wi:  I have one last word, before I stand down.  I look to seek for those, who are clowns.  To put a smile on everyone, yet give them the truth of what they did wrong.  We need to offer the hands of recline, to repose and renegotiate a set of brand new rules.  It's gonna be a brand new day, and the Great Give-A-Way will save us all, in praise.  WE shall pray, for this better way, when brotherhood rules and sisterhood cools.  And when she brings the laws of love, we will offer the snake who calls, the evolution call, the dance of the sin, where it shall be purified in the wind.  The fire and the water, will be clouds again, and the pipe will ring in the trees of sin.  And we shall purify the world each day, to solve all our problems, in the community play.  I ask for my song, from White Buffalo Calf Woman, she brings my soul for all to ring.  Could you please sing.

cw:  Sacred Song Blessing for William, the Ghost of the house of Sin (Earth).  Changing beat by Holiness David Running Eagle.

Where I am going, this day? What am I doing in all this play?  Where do I go, when you say, hello my love?  I am going home to you.  What can I do for your halls of doom?  What can I do, but roam really soon.  I know you need me, because you call, just get down on your knees and bless them all.

Here I come roaming around your sin.  You don't really know almost anything.  What makes you call when you have all the falls, the knowing and glowing is within.  How come you don't trust the halls of fame? Your soul knows everything.  Yet you concede that the flesh is in need, when the soul, could bring you such fame.

I have come to know what you do,  Everything without a view.  How can you learn if you don't trust the one, the one inside of you?   I come to show you this view. 

There is longing in a brand new day.  There is longing in what we say.  There is coming into a new world, but we need also to fill.  Inside the vacuum we do concede, that all we really need.  The spring of delights, the tears of pain, to soil the ground with new hay. Plant the seeds and watch them grow away.

Where do you think you are going this day?  Where do you think you do bleed?  What makes you feel you are lonely to day, when all you need is to bleed, the law of love does suceed.  The law of love brings your needs.

Can't you realize all that you have is staring you straight in the eyes.  Look at yourself and grin a big smile say, I have come all the while.  I have come to share my wiles.  I have come to share my delight.  I will dance, I will forgive.  I will claim my soul lives.  I will be the blessed tree, for all my kinsmen need me.  Come and give your heart in the breeze.  Come and give your soul to bee free.

"Where do you think you came from?"  What do you think is the way?  I know the glory of happiness says, "I give you all that I say".  I give it all away.  I offer you my life this day.  To serve you, to know you.  To offer you this sacred view.  My soul is a journey of service to honey, the place where the butterflies flow, the shadows only know, the valleys of the sacred show.   I'm going home, to the rolling hills, I'm going home, this day.  I'm going home to serve all I do, because I belong to you.  My relative with a view.  The soul that is tried and true.  I come to serve you, I come to love you.  I come to be the heart of the muse, to offer you a smile when you bruise.  Forget your shame, and the blame game, just offer your love in the wind.  Find your soul will win again.  Find your soul will wind and fly free.

Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman

cw:  Thank you for your great song. 

wi:  Thanks, us the Elders today.  I appreciate all your ways.  Thank you Calf woman and Holiness David and we are the Elders in the wind, the four sacred directions of the holding place in time, we come to not be so blind. aho

cw:  Thank you elders we offer the last song for the Elders Agenda meeting for you.

Elders Sacred Song Blessing today!

There we go again, flying in the wind.  Offering love and blessings, to the few.  Coming and going again.  Hoping that all in the wind, will receive our love in a better way, the place we begin to play.  The devoted and sacred ways.

Where is the sky so blue, where is the water of the new, where is the clouds that follow you?  I say, we look to amuse.  Lets start to bless all the clues.  And worship the ground with a view.  Place you feet down, place your heart up, like a clown (tree of life).  Let use the world, where we find a fill, of the darkness we call heaven again.  And when we do what we say, we believe in each day, to follow the rolling hills.

sacred drum beat continues

There we go again rolling away in the sin.  Blessing each and everyone, even if they walk away. Mighty is the wind.  coming to fuse us again.  Reaching below in all that we know, the place of the rolling hills. the place where the green grass fills.  Hoping and showing the sharing dividing, the spoils for all the relatives to share.  I know we have matters, that concern our heart patters, but we need show the world we care. Not say, not do, but offer the clues, that elders will walk the way, the great migration of the day.  The deer who play in the tundra of today, is where our hearts shall feel the way.  It's gonna be a brand day!

It's gonna be a brand new day!  It's gonna bee..................a brand new way!
Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman

cw:  Thank you for coming to the eldders agenda meeting, and Holiness David and I will offer Blessings as we depart.  Again thank you speakers, thank you viewers, thank you for coming this day.

I bless you this sacred walking way!  I bless you in all you do and say!  I bless you in the gifts that you bring in the wind.  I bless you in the rolling hay.  I bless you in the sins of today.   I bless you when you walk away.  I bless you when you come home. I bless you when you do roam. I bless you in all sacred ways.  I bless the fire of today.   I bless the water, that finds the way.  I bless the soul, that controls the light.  I bless the mighty day.  The horizon who brings us a new way.  The other shore, that reminds of the fold, the light and the darkness way.  Just bless it all safe today....we are going home to a brand new day.  I bless you nine sacred directions, the way.  The holding the folding, the molding of One, the separate actions we display, to create one God, to create One land. to create a shore of a promise land.  I bless you in all you do and say.  I bless you inside the soul today.  I bless the sacred lights, the flesh of all delights, the elders who try to find a new way.  I bless my heart to say, " I bless my Elders today".
Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman

7:41pm End of elders agenda meeting, end sacred drumbeat of entire agenda meeting by Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star, our Father Red Hand.


Fire Offers Purification

Elders gift the heart of love, they bring us closer to those of doves (peace, and walking on water is of faith), the flight of heaven sent from inside, the darkness of the numinous glow. Here we long to know our peace, the grace of gifting, the embrace of geese, and we flow together right in a row, because the formation is the Sacred Rainbow (Star of David's perfection, the lambs of God). Can we really know your sun (the golden light, when we know the soul and flesh unites, when we say what we do), well God is coming and we are planning the run (over rolling hills, we journey), the race of men, the lights of the buffalo bloom (four sacred directions within you), here we come, to know your zoom (flight of the soul). I hope to sea you on the other side, where we are to be like hides (skin of the soul, the lights, our flesh, the red road, where law of love presides), the story written on our cells, that love, carried us through! 


Mother Gives Birth to Joy with Pain and Suffering, the Law of Love
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