Blessings to Your Feet and Your Heart!

Elders Migration Voice

Blessings and Love and Aho to all my family, the relatives of the ancient and holy tree,

All my love comes to you (the children) in the wind, finding it's way past all of the sin. I do not care if you hated yesterday, it is only in the NOW that we can find our perfect waves. Round and round and round we twirl, you do a dip and I do a whirl. The merry-go-round is happy and gay, and we will find family through-out all the daze. Remember that your Great Spirit Mother and Great Spirit Father are watching you ride, they are waving at you as you pass them on by. Did you climb on a monkey for the circle to be, or did you sit upon the donkey for all he can see? Did you pass by the lion for a ride upon the moon, or did you find your little soul just wanted to sit and spoon? It is all alright if that is your choice, your book of life holds all your sacred voice. Just remember to grab for the rings, and when it is time, climb down into mother's arms to dream.

Aho my little children and grandchildren... fly high and fly free, it is glory you are seeking to bee.

Love Grandmother Comfort in the Wind your Sunshine Glory Shines, elder gray child,, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fall Is In the Air, the Wind is Everywhere, Let Elders Bless You There!

Pipe Song White Buffalo Calf Woman
Come round the corner, feel the raging storm. Just around the corner and the wind, will die down.  And there we will be safe now, from the raging storm. My heart will know the page we are on, because we heard the saftety call, the ringing of god's clouds.

Pipe Song Holiness David (no music, space is the place)
Light this pipe to say I'm a star, that has a mete/or (timing-metronone and timing-celestial shooting star, it seems straight, but it's really a curve). And we are like this raging stone, that lights the sky above. We journey throughout the sky, without any sound. We journey to say, I'm around.  Can you see my trail, it lights up this world, but inside, there is no sound, just a plain, I am, "astound".

Interpretation of Holiness David's pipe song:
The pipe represents your journey. It seems like a straight path, but it's really a curve returning from where you begin. Each of of us are a crystalline form or a rock with rainbow colors, these four directions guide us, towards the lumination (birth of the fire's light). Within our hearts, we feel, but noone seems to be around. We journey to say, I'm around. Where my feet walk, I leave my story, this is my legacy of my heart. Each are greatness, and gratefulness to be part of God's plan. 

White Buffalo Calf Woman: Thank you Holiness David for making us, wait for this interpretation. Welcome Elders. I can feel you today. Glad to see you did pray. Joining us in heart a few new souls, those who long to be part of the rainbow.

White Buffalo Calf Woman: Henry, my majesty, (he bows). Could you please tell me how you are in the cloud?
Sir Henry Speaks, Violet Elder
Sir Henry, High Priest (previously bishop):  I bow to bless you to bring you near our hearts. Thank you for asking for all the parts.  It's been a rough few weeks, it's a change in the tides. We are happy to say, all is a lullabye.  Right now, I bless with assistants, we keep the souls here to adjust.  And it's the place, where all can come to say, it's fair.  I am pleased the time, have brought us near, the hearts who fail to compare, the soul, within, to the wakeful without world, I long to feel. But I am needed here.  I know, my task is daunting, as it's seems, how to make it real, I can see, it's a dream.  You (white buffalo calf woman) and Holiness David have come home, to greet the rising sun. Walking talking can be easy ride, when we don't forget the hide (clan).  And I have to say, it's a better way, when we look within to collide.  Heaven is hoping to go to earth, knowing, so many will fail this girth. But as heaven opens it's gates to flood in, new souls await to come in, however fewer and fewer, will be in the end. Until the cleansing, destruction is where the mighty wind blows, the shores of God's open windows. I implore to find open doors.  I know I am dreaming, but it's all a dream.  I carry my soul to the oceans of time, to be near the heart of God. We must be might and hearts who are strong, to peak over the top of the sun.  Claiming the oceans as mighty sails. I want to learn, how to wail (wanting to feel tears to pour from the heart).  But not with open hearted kale (the sprig of hope, the waves endlessly, to bellow the song of the rainbow, oh it's green and red, how about that, in other words a house with no hope).  There are many and many who come to get blessed, most are our famous guests, some are continuing elders from afar. We are venturing into heaven's realm, now it's time for them to sail to find us (elders), here, inside the heart of you, White Buffalo, the child with a view. My Little Calf, you have been sown, since the inception of time (uniting four directions for all of us).  Just follow the trail, that we all entail, in our hearts, the united roads.  I continue to bless, to ensure the rest know of fire blessings to save their days. I continue to bless, to ensure the rest, knowing of fire blessings to save their nights. I continue to bless, to ensure the rest of know of the fire blessings, to unite all ways. I put down the stick.

Upper heaven sing for us.
Come shadows be blind. Show light that is sublime. Give me a big great surprise. I want to watch the lights that shine. I give my heart a wishing wave.  I sail down main street in a parade,but you don't see, me there, but I am walking rare. hoping others can find my light. I will share my heart regardless of where. 

Lower heaven sing for us.
Can't you see, the fallen leaves?  Can't you sea, the shores of make believe? Can't you feel the heart that is really real?  I want you to know, the greatness of a show, the place, where we do go, my heart is there. Comeheaven and shine, it's all about time.  And we are a prancing around a fire.  With wigwams and bows, the arrows are tipped gold. We are embracing, and tracing our homes.  

Heaven sing for us.
Ring a ding ding. Hear me sing. ring a ding, hear my bells ring. Ring a ding ding, it's time to sing.  Ring a ding ding, it's a place to feel real. Come shoulder the holder of heaven in me.  I want to set all my company (warriors) free. And how do I wander, if I don't have family. Then I will return home, to where I am set free.  Comewith me to green mountains, where rivers do fly, down towards the valleys and hills are real wide. come tarry with me down, the gardens do flow. It's mountain and valleys, where the green grass does grow.

Earth sing for us.
Let me feel the ring of your heart. Let me know, your kiss my part. I have spoken, to where you are kicked in the heart, but you come towards me. But you, come near me.  And it's you, who don't fear me, who come home.  Show, me how you loom (bind together). Bring relatives, all the neighbors on home.  It's brothers and sisters all part of the cream, the crop that is growing a dream.  Let me (burp, eaten well) share my heart, let the gathering do thier part.  We are neighbors. We a clan. Let us be part of heaven's open hands.

White Buffalo Calf Woman: ah so nice this week earth and all of  the elders, thank you for your songs. Thank you Holiness David for drumming for us. I want to read earth's song again. Ready. Reading....Whoo hoo!

Fire blessings 
(I bless the sacred nine directions +, with fire of some type) are required for entry into elders agenda meetings. This was during final verification of the four realms by White Buffalo Calf Woman, elder crystal person.  

The little people run out the door, many of them, not wanting to face the wrath of not blessing. I wonder, how do they get in here, without blessing, without knowing of the blessings, without elders and warriors knowing they need blessings?  Well, that's what a crystal person is for. Anyone else, upper heaven. There is grey storm moving in from the western northern sky.  And it's gray, black. It looks like clouds, and smoke, yet impure, like a mote.  I have to say, it's trying to hide this way. What makes them think, they don't have to do a fire blessing?  Upper heaven....(let me sing for you)

I am raging a fire from below, lower heaven is a store. Fuel a light a fire, around the dancing mire. I give the red road, the chance to survive. Come home and be part of the weather, learn how to be sacred, like a feather.  Fly into the fire, and light your winds of desire and come on home, reborn and know.  The dance is few in between, but my heart seems to ring, I light the fire,,,it blazes wild.  It's blue at duskkkk, it's like a musk, the scent of desire. There I am home in heaven's arms, where blue is a fire, that knows it's charms.  And it's hot in here, the red grows near, it's a place, where gardens do grow, but first, let the fire's light grow.  I burn the fire brighter in this room, now touching the torches overhead and now it's soon, the darkness of the ceiling's room, it's dark and dingy, but now it a light from this loom, the fire burnt all up inside, and those who are not here, just purified (turned to dust).  And we did sing, release the impure bring, let freedom ring, let the fire do sing.  It crackles and roars.  It's a great big store and we are on fire, the place we are pure.  I bless the sacred mire, the river gorge.  And deep in the rock's journey. I bless the sacred nine, the places with traces of memories in time. I bless the fire's raging, that purifies, all the realms. This sanctuary caving is where we elders roam. And when we come together, it's a place purified. And fire is a raging to know, who can collide.

Great Spirit Father Weathered Vane's Story

White Buffalo Calf Woman:  How do you remember so many lifetimes ago?

Great Spirit Father Weathered Vane: It is a child, who trusts the heart. (pausing) You seek another answer, even though you understand me?

White Buffalo Calf Woman: Yes. Those of earth don't understand you.

Great Spirit Father Weathered Vane:  Ah, I sea. (Pausing again to feel the wind.) When I have a dream, over and over again, from life time to life time again, it's path continues to grow and strive towards the dream. For me, I see, down many roads. I remember, because I was my sun/son, my grand sun, the great light of the white light (star, or rainbow color white, person known as Grandfather), I remember, because I was a young man in a world, that united, not by unity, but by collision.  Is this is not, your case now?  Times change for us to relate the stories of time. When I had this dream, my life was different, always seeking a path to grow, but finally I did return. Not only do I remember, but the memory grew larger folding, without, within, through the journey of being Great Mother (physical ascension, but also, this Great Spirit Father carries the rainbow color overlay, heavenly frequency Great Mother) until finally, I am arrived here, to tell the story (of Great Spirit Father). The dream from each life, can be told again and again. If we remember to tell the story, from your life, to your next life.  Each story, sheds a focus, a revealing. This is what brings awareness, but not preparedness.  A child looks for something to say, always looking for a get away, a place to go, to feel safe inside, a person, who will understand. But if we don't listen to ourselves and tell stories from self to self, we get lost in the journey and don't remember the dream. I know, it's seems incredible to remember so many lives.  This is why they call me Immaculate Conception, because my dreams come true.  I do know, the view, before I collide (prophetic), always trusting my heart like a child.

I sing my joy on mountain tops. I know the song of heaven's stops, when my sorrow brings me joy, there I know, I am annoyed.  I have to say, that heaven is great, but a garden with a candle stake, can hold up a light for others to see, just catch the friendly breeze. I call my self the Weathered Vane, because I know the directions gained. And they are willing to flow with me, because it's Great Father who is free. And when the days turn into nights, my clouds, they seem to want to fight, but I'm just sure, if they did mure, the reflection of a dream, then they could light with steam. I tell, them,it's true, the place, that holds us is like glue, forever, the winds do sail. I have to be part of this grazing trail. I am called Magic Heart, because they are forever, in my smarts (stinging).  I must loom the sailing winds, to catch the fever again.  And when my heartbeat does cry, a beat that is rapid and I know why, because I feel the world, the pain, that they instill, but children everywhere, need something great out there.  And we can find a wave to ride, when we sail the crimson tides.  And we come home to you. We are the heart with a view.  I am the Weathered Vane, I will hold all your pain.  I will make it blow away, just like a Magic Heart that says, I remember you, in my heart.  I remember you, when you were a part.  I remember you, when you were my true. I remember you. 

White Buffalo Calf Woman:  Thank you Holiness David for drumming and Great Spirit Father Weathered Vane, our Magic Heart. "I am the Weathered Vane (knower of the wind that blows from the heart of the rainbow clan), I will hold all your pain.  I will make it blow away, just like a Magic Heart that says, I remember you, in my heart.  I remember you, when you were a part (part of something greater).  I remember you, when you were my true (one who found their greatness). I remember you." How beautiful. Thank you Great Spirit Father.

Elders Agenda Ending Prayer: Oneness of You!

White Buffalo Calf Woman: I sing for your heart. And even if you don't think I hear your individual words, I do.  I hear you (your heart).  Not everyone hears you, but I do.  I sing for all the realms, all the elders, all those who wish to come to our hearts.  WE flow towards the unity of Oneness.  I sing for this from your perspective, Oneness of You.

Come share our hearts together. Lets be a great big tribe. Lets hold our hands together and sing a song out blind.  I know if I follow my heart now. I know, I may collide, but if I don't listen to the sparks now, then how will we bring?  It's a new dawning out there. We can live through many lives and even compare, but the life, the journey that counts, is the one, you are in right now.  And even if we don't remmber all the wind. We feel our hearts, inside and let us begin.  I say, it's a magical wave, when my heart does learn about loving ways. 

If I dare, to speak to another heart, then I will fear, they may tremble, when we apart (separate from a pure heart), how can I do the bushel (giving) and she do the hey (receiving), if I don't realize and play?  I must take a step and portray, a heart that is needing another to play (unite with hearts of others).  Let us share our hearts together. Let us walk in this uncertain weather, and we will be a collsion on a tree (tree of life, often referred to as the buffalo home, the four sacred directions in rainbow colors), through life after life and life after life and life after life, let us sea, there is more, there is a dream.

I say, you do want to walk with me? I say, I do want to walk with you!  I know, it's important for you.  You know, it's important to me.  I will depend on you foreverything.  You willl depend on me for everything. And relatives, we will be, for a place to know of harmony.  I say, glory is a day of god's armies, when they glitter in the children who foresea (vision with a heart, heavenly space).  Look out there, all is prophecy. Everyplace you go, it's literally. The times are telling, are we part of this shelling (evolutionary period), or are we going home to family? I want to listen to the children please.  But isn't this world for them? And shouldn't we be listening to the wind?  I know it's our journey, you and me, but remember it's a life born to be free.  You will be coming home!  It's you, who will be coming home.  You are the child, who left this world.  And now you are coming home.  Now you are growing strong.  Now it's time for you, to come and be free, you and me, me and you, soul and blue, heart that is true.  Come let's sail the oceans of time.  We can smoke (purify and collide) our hearts into blind (true love allows), but colors will be free, always leaning on a tree (the tree trunk represents the law of love that binds upper to lower, the leaves represent relatives on the tree of the Oneness reaching up for the sky and the roots represents the earth, reaching down into the darkness of our souls), it's a place, where dreams finally leave, always coming home, children that are very young, that was you, yesterday.  Remember, we need each other to play.

Final Blessing
I bless you in the nine directions. I bless you through and through, I bless you in my heart. I bless the saced parts. I bless you inside and out.  I bless the breath that sails, the holy tears that wail. I bless the sacred pail, where we collide, the earth and I.  I bless you whree you go, down streams of every color glows. I bless you in the heart of magical times, it's you and thine.  Give it all, it's you and me.  Give it all, it's a sailing breeze. Give it a place, give it a trace, give it a home, give it a stone.  Always bless, the heartof a empty nest.  Always give your soul to those who are cold. Always find a way, to find a heart, that learns to pray.  Always come toward those, who are willing to be bold. I bless the angels wings, that are upon the sailing winds. I bless you, all in the same view. I bless you, the hoops, through and through. I bless the spokes that lead to you. I bless the heart of me and you. I bless the feet you ride. I bless the heart inside.  I bless all yoru dreams. I bless the sacred streams. I bless the fire you light. I bless the darkness of plight, but mostly I bless your joy, because it's a dawning toy.  Let us have fun, ring in the sun, and know family, I bless the leaves. I bless you, true. I bless you through and trhough, I bless the waking sun. I bless the waking dawn. I bless the moon. I bless the stars that rise. I bless teh spokes of the skies. I bless the sky and sun. I bless the rainbow has begun.

A.L. Jewell &  Co., Waltham, Mass., likely made this molded copper Horse Jumping Through Hoop weather vane, 1852-1867. The 17-inch-long horse has a verdigris surface and the original copper rod hoop, which is often lost. This scarce vane sold at auction for $140,000 in February 2007. Image courtesy Skinner Inc.
A.L. Jewell & Co., Waltham, Mass., likely made this 
molded copper Horse Jumping Through Hoop 
weather vane, 1852-1867. The 17-inch-long horse
 has a verdigris surface and the original 
copper rod hoop, which is often lost. 
This scarce vane sold at auction for 
$140,000 in February 2007. 
Image courtesy Skinner Inc.
Weather Vanes
Life on the farm in the 18th and 19th centuries was often harsh as a northeast wind in late November. A farmer could suddenly have his prize cow go dry, his best horse pull up lame or his beloved dog die. Barnyard animals came and went, but one constant high above the milieu was the weather vane. Sometimes depicting the farm’s signature animal, the weather vane atop a barn remained a constant, season after season, year after year.
Those that have survived the elements today represent some of the most valuable Americana and folk art on the market. Sotheby’s sold a nearly life-size molded copper Indian chief weather vane in October 2006 for a record $5.84 million. The 5-foot-2-inch-tall weather vane was attributed to J.L. Mott Iron Works, circa 1900. 
While not nearly as large, weather vanes pointed into the wind on most farms in America, not as ornamental elements reflecting the identities of their owners, but because they were the most important tools available in forecasting the weather. Weather vanes simply showed the direction of the wind. A shift in the wind indicated a change in weather would come soon. Seafarers and fishermen also depended on weather vanes many centuries before the invention of scientific instruments used to forecast weather.

You Need A Weathervane To Tell Which Way The Wind Blows
Author Mike OBrien

~ Weathervane History and Background Information ~
Weathervanes, or wind vanes, have been used for centuries. Since the time of the ancient Greeks, the weather vane has served a dual purpose. Since the advent of the weathervane, their use has been both decorative and functional. The source of the wind may not have been fully understood, but people of ancient cultures understood how important the wind is a predictor of the weather.

It is no surprise that the simple weathervane became as ornamental as it is practical. Historians believe one of the first weathervanes was part of the Tower of Winds in ancient Greece. The tower was believed to have been constructed around forty B.C. by the astronomer Andronicus.

The Romans constructed many weathervanes from images of the gods. Prior to the advent of recorded scientific observation, there was much superstition around the weather. Through good weather or bad, the gods were often given credit for the prevailing winds.

Ancient seafarers used a simple type of weathervane, in the form of a small piece of cloth fastened to the rigging. This makeshift wind vane came to be known as a telltale and is still used today by sailors.

The weather vane existed in almost every ancient culture. Aside from depictions of various gods, animal themes are common for wind vanes, even today. The use of animal characters usually had a connection to religious beliefs. Artisans have adopted the weathervane as a medium for their craft adding to the decorative qualities of these simple weather tools.

Balance is the key to a properly functioning weathervane, as the weathervane must be able to turn in reaction to the slightest breeze. The center of the weathervane must rest on a center axis and be equally balanced on both sides. A basic design includes a center post with the body of the weathervane resting over it. The center post may come to a sharply tapered point. The body of the weathervane would fit on the post in a way were the weight would be concentrated directly on the point. If the body of the weathervane is not allowed to move freely, its reaction to changes in wind direction and speed will be too slow.

The shape of the weather vane can vary from a simple arrow, to more ornate and decorative figures. Even a large weathervane can be designed in way that optimizes its reaction to the wind. The shape is probably more important than the size. The body of the weathervane must designed in a way that is somewhat aerodynamic. An airplane wing creates lift by generating a positive pressure under the wing surface and a negative pressure on the top. Think of a weathervane as a wing surface turned perpendicular to the ground. The reaction to both positive and negative pressure causes the weather vane to turn.

Farmers and ranchers often relied on the wind to operate water pumps. Anyone who has traveled the American heartland may remember seeing these simple windmills turning. A key to an operating windmill is its ability to rotate with changes in wind direction. These windmills have a tail stock that acts in the same way a weathervane does, helping to point the blades of the windmill in the optimal direction.

For most of us, the need for a windmill has little to do with whether we have a weathervane. In these days of modern meteorology, weather predictions are readily available, often in great detail. These advancements in modern technology have rendered the humble weather vane to a decorative addition to our homes. Like many pieces of Americana, antique weathervanes are collectible. Many diverse themes have been used for the wind vane from the artistic to the humorous. With a rich history and functionality, the humble windmill can add a touch of whimsy and lore to your home. Thank you "Howtomakedo" for teaching us how to create our own weather vane, visit 

Elders gift the heart of love, they bring us closer to those of doves (peace, and walking on water is of faith), the flight of heaven sent from inside, the darkness of the numinous glow. Here we long to know our peace, the grace of gifting, the embrace of geese, and we flow together right in a row, because the formation is the Sacred Rainbow (Star of David's perfection, the lambs of God). Can we really know your sun (the golden light, when we know the soul and flesh unites, when we say what we do), well God is coming and we are planning the run (over rolling hills, we journey), the race of men, the lights of the buffalo bloom (four sacred directions within you), here we come, to know your zoom (flight of the soul). I hope to sea you on the other side, where we are to be like hides (skin of the soul, the lights, our flesh, the red road, where law of love presides), the story written on our cells, that love, carried us through!