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Blessings and Love and Aho to all my family, the relatives of the ancient and holy tree,

All my love comes to you (the children) in the wind, finding it's way past all of the sin. I do not care if you hated yesterday, it is only in the NOW that we can find our perfect waves. Round and round and round we twirl, you do a dip and I do a whirl. The merry-go-round is happy and gay, and we will find family through-out all the daze. Remember that your Great Spirit Mother and Great Spirit Father are watching you ride, they are waving at you as you pass them on by. Did you climb on a monkey for the circle to be, or did you sit upon the donkey for all he can see? Did you pass by the lion for a ride upon the moon, or did you find your little soul just wanted to sit and spoon? It is all alright if that is your choice, your book of life holds all your sacred voice. Just remember to grab for the rings, and when it is time, climb down into mother's arms to dream.

Aho my little children and grandchildren... fly high and fly free, it is glory you are seeking to bee.

Love Grandmother Comfort in the Wind your Sunshine Glory Shines, elder gray child,, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Holy Golden Fire

Holy is the sounding board, the place I come to show you more.  And what they do, is find relief it's true, the heart of the embrace for me and you. We are elders (those who do what they say and say what they do), who come to be true. To find a heart that longs to be you. Come closer to me, where all is just leaves (relatives), my soul lingers in the fall leaves. I start a new year, to relieve. My soul jumps up, to catch the mouse, to find the wind, is social again, we are one, mouse and me (buffalo home). We are part of the same golden fleece. Eternal river shines in you. Eternal golden, is the sacred view.  Fly in the world, where all is true.  We are golden, with a new view.

Come break shadows, in the air. Tell them greatly, you have no fear. Welcome them home, into your heart. Bring in a storm, do your part. Where is the madness, we do go.  Where is the sadness, we do show.  And all we need, is gladness, because we are strong, the heart of madness, that gets us along. Come breath my shadows, I bless you true.  Come breath my heartache, I love you too.  Come breath my soul, that weeps with sin. Come breath my heartbeat, let me swim (in the ocean blue, the heart of me and you). 

I will fly to the eternal courts, where I master all kinds and sorts, but I will be true, to one that is blue, the heart of beginning (that's in you). The heart that sings free. The heart of the soul, in the breeze. Come and watch you grow. Know the heart and flow.  Meet the soul inside, where all does know.  Heaven comes towards you to seek a brand new view.  It's a heart with delight, when we shout and break our lives.  No more heartache, won't survive (so much pain)!  But it's lessons, that bring the knife (sharing), it's where we learn to feel all things, in a world full of sin (purify it again).

I bless you, I do, I have to go, it's true, my heart does glisten to all of your weeps. I feel your heart ache. I feel your pain. My beloved, I bless you to gain. 

White Buffalo Calf Woman (cw) Sings and Holiness David Drums for Elders Agenda today September 15, 2010.

cw (white buffalo calf woman):  I look over the elder's view. I see, the whole of the earth, heaven too.  And where I begin, to start and sing again. I look  to sea, who hasn't yet bloomed. 

My upper heaven, will you sing to us. Tell us, all the gifts you thrust. I know you do see, but you happen to believe, that God is here, without us, but real soon, you must come down and assist us in the bloom.

Upper heaven sings:
We are mighty God's reckoning. We are finally going to come down the sun. We are bringing law of love to every one. We are going to have some fun.  We are heaven sent, to hold the lent (prayer, penitence, almsgiving). We are here to know and grow to fold, to be one heart.  We are throne of God, haven't you heard, it's where you've been. Come into my heart, sit down for awhile and listen to stories galore, we are part of this famous hill (third rolling hill in time).

cw:  Thank you (upper) heaven, for singing to us, bringing perspective to the holy dust. We move on to sea, the heart of the breeze, tell us heaven, how do you roam. Sing to us, the famous heavenly drone. Pulse onward. Feel heaven's foam.  Pulse onward, to the waves of a storm. Find it in your heart, to make it smart (sting) and bring us all back home. Lead us onwards, heaven's home.

Heaven sings:
One little, two little, three little girls. Waiting and wondering, how to full fill.  One little, two little, three little girls, singing from heaven, the sounds that fulfill. One heart is flowing. Two hearts they do greet. Three hearts a dream is born, out to bring relief. Little girls know how to bring, the heart inside the pure, by looking and listening, to all of your fears.  Little girls, the pure of heaven, come down, to show you how, to bring a soul, that's true and bold, to hold your hand and say. I know, you just need to pray today. 

One little, two little, three little girls, they will show you how to have frills. Giving light to you, sharing light through you. And receiving light for  you, the heart that stands still. And inside fulfilling, the heart of a nilling (not to wish pain upon you), to bring in comfort. To bringing pure of heart, to bring in spirit, to show us we are all one part, of many who claim, to be the heart with the same. We bless you through and through.

cw:  Thank you heaven for singing to us, bringing in song, to show us the thrust. I look towards the heart of the humble and pure, to bring in souls that need to be fulfilled.

Earth, will you show us your bounty.  Will you sing your heart to us this day. I bless you in my heart, to bring in the stout, the bull that lingers in the wind (holy breath).

Earth sings:
Come and catch me if you can. Come and hold and fly upon this land. Come and taste the wine of divinity. the place we mark the halls that set us free. Come and be one family upon this world. come and taste the golden and the firm. We are creating new life, because the old, did us fine, and now it's time, to create some changes. Now it's time,for us to seek new villages. Now it's time, for us to seek, the heart of all that mischievous, we need the heart of the new (Sioux), the bringing of the spiritual view. And listen to me, the heart that longs to be set free. Come catch me if you can. Come hold my hand.I fly in the breeze today, to find my way.  Dreaming and steaming.Bringing in love.What can I do,but realize, I'm a stump. But in this old growth, a tree never dies, because my heart realizes, that their is afterlife. Come and catch me if you can.  Show me that you understand.

cw sings: Little world, thank you for your love, help me to hold your hand and to understand. I seek to know the guidance of what you mean to me. I hold the heart that lingers in the breeze.

Lower heaven, come and sing for me. Share the heart of the world, who needs to understand their knees. Help them to react golden, when all seems frozen, to warm the world with love, means that they must express.  My lower kingdom, my soul rests on you. My lower kingdom, where the red road blooms. Let it be known, how grand you do sew. My heart is the magical, because of your love.

Lower heaven sings:
(cough and mutter) Looking in the breeze today.  Finding magic is flown away. All they do, is harm the view, with all that they do in the breeze. Why can't they just bless and make it sweet? Why can't they forgive? Why can't they act like a sieve? Then all will be right, on the path, the soul that longs to linger and last.

White Buffalo Calf Woman sings to the four realms, elders who descend. Thank you for letting us in!

I light the fire golden, it rises to the top, where all the smoke is beholden to reach the soul that lasts. All down in the elders agenda, bring in a heart of gold, because those, who are not golden, will not make it through this storm.

I purify this room, with the letters, of you and me, that's the blue seas. I purify this world, with the father, the mother, the child that believes. I bless you through the heart that needs, a soul that finds relief. Come closer child, believe in wild, where you go, to be safe, in majesty.  Put yourself in a golden fleece
* (lambs protected by God).

I can see the fire getting brighter. All is chained, have no place here.  Let those escape, who can't handle the rape, of devastation, destruction laden, the purified sacred trace.  We scourge all with fire, purifying, the mire, bringing new life, the seed that is born.  And as the fire is heavy, the blue, begins to make money (transactions, stories to descend), the golden coins (interactions, heart laden to ascend), that pull us through, the souls that's me and you.  I give my heart to the blue, the soul, that lingers to, the place in my heart, where you begin and start. I purify, you, I bless the nine sacred views. I bless the feet, the wings, the true, the heart the blue, the green of you.  I bless the dreams, that flow out of you, the river of gold. I bless this for you. 

I see the fire is raging forth. I cleanse this room, this whole entire girth. I feel the light, comes from the inside out, cleansing the flowing storm's glow. We are the heart of you and me, the soul that longs to set us free. Come and listen to the heart with a view, the soul that's inside of you. 

I sea the spirit flowing from you, the darkness of clouds, ghosts with a view, and slumber do you feel.  And watch it's all very real.  You are my blessings, without disease. Come closer, I bless the fire in thee.  And when you were lost and finally found, the blessings, made you sound. Come and fly with me now.  I can see you expound, bringing blessing to me, bringing hearts with a string.  I bless the nine directions in you.  I bless the nine directions in me. I bring the fire's light with a view. I bring the heart that acts like a muse.

I feel the souls dark and blue, come inside my eyes, to find me too.  I know, I bless them true, to hold the heart of you. To bring in happiness too, for all of you.  Tears do cry for all your pain, to escape and have no blame. It's a place, where we can find a way to alleviate, with blessings, that find our heart's way.

I sense one dark soul did leave me, but still there is another breeze. They come to find me, inside a torrential breeze, the storm of eternity, that's in me.  I bless the soul, that refuses to go.  Thinking that I need them, more than the snow. Grateful is he, who comes and brings relief, to shadow, embrace with true love.  That's what we do in heaven, we fit like a glove, the shadow of forever, tells me you do care.  And love is a miraculous thing, it's where our hearts are filled with strings.

*The Golden Fleece comes from the Winged Ram (Chrysomallos - Χρυσόμαλλος). The Golden Fleece represents the ideas of kingship and legitimacy, and how leading a journey to find order, restores legitimate rule, and was the Imperial Dream. This royal power offered the immortal coverlet, where the Sun shown brightly, over waves of Golden Grain Fields. "Let the King do this, the captain of the ship!" This Fleece is the prize of yoking fire-breathing bulls. Let great antiquity of the Golden Fleece glow with matted skeins of gold, for the spirit appears, the winged ram whose fleece was white as gold (shining brightly, reflecting all light).

The Golden Ram was the offspring of the Sea God (blue road, heavenly) and Cloud Goddess (red road, earthly), the child to the nymph (beautiful woman, heavenly) and the sun (radiance of soft curls, earthly).  It is said, that children receive safe harbor (passageway) and escaped over the sea, riding the Golden Fleece to safety. It is also said, that the ewe enjoyed the ram of the flocks. But when one falls off to his death, the ewe giving him a heart (spiritual embrace), brings the the ram's fleece (rainbow colors, the vehicle of the breath, the pathways we journey over, our rolling hills), to ensure safe passageway to the eastern shore of the Black Sea (the heavenly realms).  The Golden curls (waves of light) were sacrificed (our hearts endured), to rise in the House of the Sun (I am a Sun Dance), the ripe age of eternal.  There hangs the Golden Fleece (waves of rainbow colors, we are offered passageway over to new realms), reserved from the sacrifice (heart's love) on the great oak in a grove (tree of life, among a forest), always sacred to Ares, the beginning of ages, and our springtime, the rebirth physically and rebirth in the fall spiritually.  Here it is guarded by a dragon, the creature of heaven and earth, the snake descends, the bird rises from the ashes, twain do meet, the dragon is born. The Ram and it's Golden Fleece are represented in the constellation Aries as the alpha and omega, where the circle of life is the eternal dance. The fall and descend, the rise and the ascend, all bring us together once again, the waves of eternal shores do flow. The Golden Fleece protects us on all shores (for freedom is known, the spirit has spun, the web of eternal destiny)!

Mitchelstown Caves are located in county Tipperary 12 kilometres east of Mitchelstown. The Caves are open year-round for guided tours. The tours are approximately 3 kilometres in length going through several caverns with examples of different types of formations many of which are given colourful names. This image is called the Golden Fleece.

The caves were discovered in 1833 when a farm labourer dropped his crowbar into a crevasse while quarrying limestone. What was discovered is a prehistoric cave of great beauty and scientific interest.

The limestone being dissolved by rainwater percolating through the soil and stone is redeposited in the cave as the drops of water evaporate in the air forming stalactites, stalagmites, calcite columns, and flow stones among other examples of formations which are to be seen in the caves. Considering that it takes over a thousand years for a stalagmite or stalactite to grow a few centimetres the formations found in Mitchelstown Caves are highly impressive. Examples of 350 million year old fossils are to be seen as well as some cave fauna. thank you

The Ram of the Golden Fleece is not considered a constellation of springtime, for the main stars of Aries cross the meridian at 11 p.m. in early November, and 7 p.m. in early January. The most convenient time for observation is in the fall; and in May this constellation is one of pre-dawn hours. Nevertheless, Aries is associated with the beginning of spring since in the ancient world the Sun entered the constellation at the time of the spring equinox. Thus Aries is the first of the Zodiac star groups—the Prince of all the signs.

The Greeks associated the constellation with the story of the Argonauts and the Golden Fleece. The early Chinese called it the Dog; later they knew it as the White Sheep; and with the stars of Taurus and Gemini, these stars were the White Tiger, the western one of the four great zodiac groups of China.

These four quarters of the ancient Chinese sky were occupied by four great celestial beasts, and they were also symbols for east, south, west and north. The four animals were the White Tiger, signifying autumn, the Black Tortoise of winter, the Dragon of spring and the Red Bird of summer. Each in turn through the year directed the universe, and it was not so much that these stars distinguished the seasons as that these creatures caused them. Thus the Dragon fought and conquered the Tortoise; and when the White Tiger doomed the Red Bird, it symbolized the death of nature, the falling of leaves, and the first sadness of frost. Here, then, is the explanation of why in China the color of mourning is not black, but the white of the sad, autumnal White Tiger.

There are only nine naked eye-stars in Aries of magnitude 5 or brighter. The constellation is readily found by looking west from the Pleiades. The lucida—the brightest star in a constellation—is magnitude 2.2 Hamal. This star, Alpha Arietis, together with Beta and Gamma, identifies the triangular head of the proverbial ram. Another triangle of stars, comprised of 35, 39 and 41 Arietis, was once known as the asterism Musca Borealis, the Northern Fly, which hovered over the ram's rump. However, this fly was swatted in the 1800s, and the one celestial fly remaining is the constellation Musca in the Southern Hemisphere.

In the 1980s, Aries was in the news as the location of the “Aries Flasher,” an ephemeral and peculiar object observed by several amateur astronomers, appearing as a bright flash lasting from one to three seconds in duration. It could not be identified as an astronomical object, because nothing known had a similar brightness or period. The object was finally determined to be a reflection off an artificial satellite. Some satellites with apogees on the order of 700 miles altitude move so slowly that they appear almost motionless for a few minutes.

Of several deep-sky objects located in Aries, NGC 772 is the best for smaller telescopes. It is a spiral galaxy seen in about three-quarters view. It measures about 5 by 7 arcminutes and is about magnitude eleven.

Many beautiful double stars are found in Aries. Mesarthim, Gamma Arietis, is a pair of blue-white stars of equal 4.8 magnitude, separated by 8 arc seconds. This was the first double star to be so identified. The keen and versatile, yet controversial, scientist and astronomer Robert Hooke was following a comet in 1664 when he noticed this fine double star in his telescope's field of view. The two stars are aligned exactly north-south in the sky.  Return to Constellation Chronicles index

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Elders gift the heart of love, they bring us closer to those of doves (peace, and walking on water is of faith), the flight of heaven sent from inside, the darkness of the numinous glow. Here we long to know our peace, the grace of gifting, the embrace of geese, and we flow together right in a row, because the formation is the Sacred Rainbow (Star of David's perfection, the lambs of God). Can we really know your sun (the golden light, when we know the soul and flesh unites, when we say what we do), well God is coming and we are planning the run (over rolling hills, we journey), the race of men, the lights of the buffalo bloom (four sacred directions within you), here we come, to know your zoom (flight of the soul). I hope to sea you on the other side, where we are to be like hides (skin of the soul, the lights, our flesh, the red road, where law of love presides), the story written on our cells, that love, carried us through!