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Elders Migration Voice

Blessings and Love and Aho to all my family, the relatives of the ancient and holy tree,

All my love comes to you (the children) in the wind, finding it's way past all of the sin. I do not care if you hated yesterday, it is only in the NOW that we can find our perfect waves. Round and round and round we twirl, you do a dip and I do a whirl. The merry-go-round is happy and gay, and we will find family through-out all the daze. Remember that your Great Spirit Mother and Great Spirit Father are watching you ride, they are waving at you as you pass them on by. Did you climb on a monkey for the circle to be, or did you sit upon the donkey for all he can see? Did you pass by the lion for a ride upon the moon, or did you find your little soul just wanted to sit and spoon? It is all alright if that is your choice, your book of life holds all your sacred voice. Just remember to grab for the rings, and when it is time, climb down into mother's arms to dream.

Aho my little children and grandchildren... fly high and fly free, it is glory you are seeking to bee.

Love Grandmother Comfort in the Wind your Sunshine Glory Shines, elder gray child,, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Modern Day Warriors

From your Devoted Servant,
White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother sings to you!
To my Beloved Jay Red Eagle, Cherokee Warrior

Today, my love is here to stay and I know that Greatness has come our way. Don't be blue
(sadness) my relative, when so much is coming up ahead. The days are long, but treasures still of the breath of life that gives us rain. Be truth in all you do from above, the elder of life you know inside your heart. Don't doubt that God has been here for you, it's just that now we can see your true. The smile Great Spirits gave to us, the smile Great Spirits gave to you. And I know that we will come home this day, because our love will show the way. And blessed will be the fires light, the sacred dream that dance all night. And when we are the true of blue, we will know that God has come to you. The ordained has found their voice again and will begin to make the rain. Sow and trust your relatives, that finally they have come home instead, to the arms of "keepers" everywhere, to the arms of loving and beloved Red. I know my heart will be the true, the warrior the Great Ones have sent to you, and I will be Great for you, just watch and see it will be true. For my heart longs to be with you, my relative, you are my true. And when I come home to you once again, I will be blessed and I know the truth. You are the "keeper" of all that's true and I know you know the loyal blue, the heart that bleeds each day, it's true, the one who know how love is used. And now I say, I bid you adieu (commend you to god) for the night has come to see the dew and I am hear feeding those who need a heart, who need a bloom!

Elders Migration Voice

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